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Things To Make Sure Of While Driving

Having a proper mind-set for your journey on the road will help you ensure your safety on the road at all times, be it a short drive to the supermarket to pick up groceries, or that long and tiring drive on the highway to go to the office. How many of you take these precautions every drive?

  1. 1. No Obstruction Of View
    Sharing a car with your family, or significant other means that you should always adjust the rear-view and side-mirrors of the car. Sometimes we forget that someone else used the car before us, and leaving the mirrors unadjusted would hinder our view of the road. Before leaving the parking lot, always make sure that the mirrors are properly adjusted according to your view!

  2. 2. Indicators & Brake Lights Are Working
    The other cars on the road can’t read your mind. USE YOUR INDICATORS to avoid accidents and the headache that follows. On top of that, brake lights also help to indicate when you are slowing down on the road, and avoid mishaps from happening on the road. P/S: It is also highly irritating for the driver behind your car if you’re brake lights and indicators are not working!

  3. 3. Comfortable Driving Position
    Each person has their own comfortable driving position, be it a lower seat position or a higher seat position. Do make sure to be seated comfortably in your car, especially if you’re headed to a far destination! Being comfortable should always be one of the top priorities while driving.

  4. 4. Avoid Distractions
    Almost everyone on the road has some sort of GPS for their drive. It could be to take a short cut, to avoid the roads with heavy traffics. Nevertheless, it would always be best to avoid being too distracted by the GPS and concentrate more on the road that you’re driving on & also your surroundings. It’s good to have a map to refer to, but don’t rely too heavily on it!

After reading the short and quick steps, have you come to a conclusion about the kind of driver you are? We hope that our readers will instill these precautions into their mind for a safe drive each time! Being a good driver will also give you bonus points – you would always be the designated driver by your friends and family. Stay safe for all your future bookings on Kwikcar!

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Money Savvy Tips For Traveling

With only 4 more months left in 2018, it’s time for you to gear up and start planning a holiday! Putting together the itinerary for a holiday can be a lot to handle especially if it’s large group or if you’re on a budget.

Here’s some help; focus on the 3 main things - Accomodation, Transportation and Food. Read on for some tips and tricks to be cost effective when you travel.

  1. 1. Accommodation tricks
    If you’re traveling in a group, try and keep it at 3 or 4 people so the cost of accomodation can be nicely split. Traveling in a big group will often cost you more as you’d need extra beds or rooms. Always be kind and check with the hotel or host if they can provide you with extra services such as an extra mattress or towels. However, if you decide to go on a solo trip, you can try renting a single room instead of an entire place or hotel suite.

  2. 2. Transportation tips
    It’s not uncommon to spend a lot on travelling within your holiday destination. Visiting 5 locations in a day, at an average of RM20 per route can bring you up to RM100 a day, and that doesn’t factor in getting home or any stops in between.

    If you're on a budget, we'd recommend renting a car from Kwikcar, at around RM20/day per person (if there's 4 of you). You'd save so much more, with the added convenience of being able to stop wherever you want, and travel at your own time without waiting for a ride. Keep an eye out on our website or FB page for any on-going promotions!

  3. 3. Getting authentic local food
    The best way to find great local food is to know a local or person living there. A general rule of thumb is to try avoiding the usual tourist hotspots if you’d really like to find good local food. Tourist hotspots have a tendency of being overpriced and subpar in taste or quality when it comes to local food. Try to stay away from restaurant food that is pricey and not completely authentic. If you plan on finding out places to eat within your budget, you can always check out locations on google, and filter the places by price.

We hope you learnt a lot while going through these tips and tricks and we hope you keep them in mind for your next holiday! Just to recap: Share the cost of accomodation, rent a car instead of using taxis, and don’t eat at tourist hotspots! That’s all from us for this round, and we’ll see you again in our next blog!

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Historical Cities To Drive To

Malaysia – a beautiful country that is rich with culture and beautiful surroundings. If you’re thinking of visiting a city that tells a history of its’ own, we’ve listed down 4 destinations that you can drive to from Kuala Lumpur, travel time ranging from 1 hour to 4 hours. Spend a few days in these cities, and you will fall in love with Malaysia all over again.

Malacca City
Travel time (1 h 20 min)

A'Famosa Fort

This fort was built in 1511 during the rule of the Portuguese. The only remaining structure of this monument is a gatehouse located at the bottom of the hill, with a pathway leading to St. Paul’s Church.

Christ Church

When the Dutch took possession of Malacca from the Portuguese, they built this church in 1753 to commemorate a century of their occupation.

St. Paul’s Church

This historical building was built by a Portuguese captain, to thank Virgin Mary for saving his life while he was at sea. To visit this monument, you would have to go up a flight of stairs, where you can also have an aerial view of Malacca town.

Georgetown, Penang
Travel time (3 h 52 min)

St. George Church

This is the oldest Anglican Church in Southeast Asia, as it was built in 1816. Until today, it is still well taken care of and preserved for being a historical site in Penang.

Khoo Kongsi

This historical building is hidden in the alleys of old terrace houses and shop houses. As it is well hidden, even to the locals itself, you would have an adventure visiting Khoo Kongsi and learning about the history behind this monument.

Fort Cornwallis

Built by Captain Francis Light in 1786, this fort represented the British protection. In World War II, the Japanese occupied this fort and used it as a warehouse area.

Alor Setar, Kedah
Travel time (4 h 34 min)

Wat Nikrodharam

Pay a visit to this Buddhist temple, and you can see Thai influence on the structure of this temple Alor Setar, merged with Chinese Buddhist saints placed around the building.

Mahathir’s Birthplace

Kedah is known as the birthplace of Tun Dr. Mahathir, our former and present Prime Minister. His childhood home has been kept and preserved as a small museum, where tourists are welcome for a visit.

Balai Nobat

This tower was built in 1906, and acts as a storage for musical instruments used in the royal orchestra. These items kept in Balai Nobat are not accessible to public, and are only taken out during special occasions to be used in the royal orchestra.

Ipoh, Perak
Travel time (2 h 13 min)

Birch Memorial Tower

This clock tower commemorates the first British resident in Perak; J.W.W Birch, who was assassinated 1875 by Datuk Maharaja Lela. No entrance fee is required for viewing of this clock tower.

Ipoh Town Hall and Old Post Office

This is another historical site that was built during the British rule, which portrays the strong British influence on Perak. The Ipoh Town Hall is one of the most visited tourist attractions in town, so do make sure to stop for a visit.

Kellie's Castle

This castle was built in the 20th century by a Scottish man, William Kellie Smith. He intended It to be a home away from home, for his family. While walking around this mansion, you can learn about the history of this mansion and how it came to become a monumental site in Perak.

Now that you’ve read up a bit on Malacca, Georgetown, Alor Setar, and Ipoh.. Where are you planning to drive to next? If you want to experience driving around these cities like a local, we have got you covered! Rent a car on Kwikcar, at some of the best rates in town. We have all the options listed out for you.

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Some Of The Best Cars To Rent On Kwikcar

It’s always better to have a range of choices – so you can look through and make your decision after a long deliberation. But if you’re stuck and you need a push to book the car of your choice, based on desired criteria (be it economical or perhaps luxury?) continue scrolling to see the 3 best cars that we have laid out for you.


So you have seen the 3 top cars according to price range. Now all that’s left is for you to make that booking! To top it off, we have an ongoing promotion for all new users. You can get 15% off your FIRST rental on Kwikcar! If you’re already a user on our App, go get that car before it’s booked. And for all of you that have not signed up as a Kwikcar user yet, press that button and download our App now!

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How To Deal With A Car Crisis

If your car is feeling a bit wobbly and you sense that something is wrong, always listen to your gut feeling and find a safe spot to stop your car for further inspection. The most important thing to do in this situation, is to not panic. Here are some tips for what you can do:

  • 1. Find a Safe place to Stop Your Car
    When your car is starting to malfunction, find a safe spot by the side of the road to avoid getting into an accident that could potentially damage your car even more. Stopping in a dangerous spot such as in the middle of the road could also put your precious life at risk.

  • 2. Relax, Turn on the Emergency Signals
    Use your Hazard Lights to help other drivers on the road avoid being stuck behind your car. The button is typically in the middle of your dashboard. Turn it on and you may even get lucky and attract a helpful passerby!

  • 3. Always Have Emergency Contact Numbers
    Once your car is safe and away from the road, immediately make a call. Either to a loved one to inform them of the situation, or to a towing service/roadside assistance helpline. We recommend contacting the Allianz Enhanced Road Warrior (ERW) helpline for 24-hour roadside assistance/minor roadside assistance. This includes towing and minor roadside repairs. All Kwikcar users can get the Allianz Enhanced Road Warrior helpline in the Help section on the app!

  • 4. Wait in the Car Cautiously
    If safety permits, it’s best to stay in the car (Especially if you’re alone). Let your friends or family know where you’re located so that they can come help or at least be aware of your situation and location, so that they can inform the relevant authorities to send help your way.

  • 5. Keep All Important Belongings
    Don’t forget to gather all your important belongings when your car is being towed and before it gets sent for repair. This will also help you avoid having to make another trip back to the workshop to get your items if you need it.

Now that you’ve taken down these important steps, you should be well equipped to handle any car situation at any time. Regular maintenance of your vehicle will help you avoid this situation altogether but it is always useful to be able to deal with a crisis when you’re faced with one.

However, should you ever find yourself in need of a car for daily traveling or for a holiday after your car breaks down, you can always rent a car from Kwikcar! We will always be here at your service with discounted car prices compared to the traditional car rental market pricing.

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Kwikcar - Provides For All

When Kwikcar was founded, we aimed to help solve a problem many of us faced: expensive and inflexible car rentals.. By providing a C2C platform, we managed to penetrate the car rental industry with a different concept of car sharing, one within the community itself. After almost a year of operation - here’s some of the main reasons that Renters on our platform have rented a car:

  • Weekend Getaway
    Students or working adults use Kwikcar to complete their plans for a short getaway during the weekend. A weekend away from the busy city itself to a secluded resort is a popular reason for some of our users to book a car. It’s inexpensive, and also highly helpful as you can get to your destination at your own time and pace.

  • Business Trip
    Bookings from expats and Malaysians travelling into Kuala Lumpur for business purposes. Because Kwikcar provides the best rates in the area, we often have users who rent a car for days, to even weeks for business trips within KL/Selangor. We try our best to cater to a variety of renters, and they are often pleased with the services we provide.

  • Wedding
    Special occasions such as weddings are the time when people need to rent a car, either for convenience, or also possibly for the bride and groom’s wedding car. The cars on Kwikcar come in a range of sizes, and there are even luxury cars available to be rented from a BMW Coupe, Range Rover, and also an Audi R8.

  • Family Vacation
    During a long weekend or festive events such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and Christmas, Kwikcar receives a high amount of bookings for families who want to drive out of town for a holiday. During these occasions, the most commonly booked cars are MPVs that can fit a family comfortably with enough leg space for you to relax.

  • Daily Work Commute
    Working in PJ, but living in KL City? Worry no more, as you can rent a car on Kwikcar for a bargain! Don’t believe it? Ask our renters who are actively renting a car for months, just for them to be able to get from point A to point B – to the office, to meet clients, to attend events, and also just for a fun outing with friends and family.

And of course, there are many more reasons for why users need to rent a car from us – be it for business or pleasure, our team would gladly assist you in the entire process. If you’ve been looking for a car to rent but haven’t been getting any result from your search, look no more. Download Kwikcar, Sign up, and Find your perfect car now!

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It's A Kwikmatch!

Looking through all the cars on our app can be a bit overwhelming (and we don’t blame you, we have over 150 cars listed). So here’s an alternative if you’re not too fussy on what you want. Using the Kwikmatch feature on our App, you only have to include the criteria of the car that you are looking for and Car Owners on the platform with matching cars will be notified, and can offer their cars to you! Read on to learn more about this feature, and the steps to get you through the process.

  1.   Select Kwikmatch Tab
  2. If you’re overwhelmed with choice, and not fussy about what car you want don’t worry! Check out our Kwikmatch feature from the menu bar on our App and find the car you need.

  3.   Start A New Kwikmatch
  4. After you’ve selected the Kwikmatch tab, now you can send a new rental request by providing the specifics of your rental request.

  5.   Accept Car Booking (Your Choice)
  6. Once your request has been submitted and received, be patient until you receive offers for cars on our App. Go through the offers that you have in your Kwikmatch tab, and accept any of the offers that you have received. Once you accept, go to the next step!

  7.   Proceed To Payment (Credit/Debit on Paypal, No Sign Up Required)
  8. The last step for this process is making payment for the booking. Be informed that you can check out for payment through Paypal by using your debit/credit card, without having to register as a user on Paypal.

  9.   Booking is confirmed!
  10. When all the steps are complete, now all you have to do is start your rental!

Now you have all the information you need to send a Kwikmatch request on our App! Begin your rental journey with Kwikcar now!

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Driving With Kwikcar

Our renters use our platform for many different reasons, some book a car on Kwikcar to travel for business purposes, and some rent a car to go on a holiday with their friends and family, and some of our renters even use Kwikcar for their daily travels to head to work and meet clients all over KL and Selangor. Our Renter, Amr – is just one of those renters who has been renting a car for over 6 months at the time of writing.

Introduce yourself

I’m Amr, an expat working in advertising here in Malaysia.

How did you learn about Kwikcar?

I heard about Kwikcar through an internet scout for car rental platforms in Malaysia.

How long have you been using this platform?

I’ve been using Kwikcar for almost a year now.

What are your thoughts about the car-sharing industry?

I think that the car-sharing industry is a very interesting approach & significantly growing especially across this technology-driven generation, with a great competition in terms of pricing, reliability & innovation. Because let’s face it, haven’t we all thought about it? … I want to drive but I don’t want to own a vehicle due to various reasons?... After all, Transportation is inevitable one way or another, whether it’s for daily commute to work, hanging out with our friends or even going on a road trip. Therefore I believe that the car-sharing industry connects me to individuals who can fulfill my needs in a very easy manner, and when it comes to Kwikcar, it’s even accessible from my mobile phone with constant support whenever necessary.

How has renting a car benefited you?

I don’t own a car here in Malaysia & my office is almost 30 minutes away from where I stay.

Therefore I decided to rent a car for long-term rental in order for me to be able to commute to work on daily basis, I also use it in driving to my clients’ offices, events as well as my weekend hangouts with my friends.

Do you rent a car on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

I rent a car on Monthly basis.

What are your thoughts about the registration process on Kwikcar?

It was such a hassle-free process, where the steps were as easy as filling up the contact information form, payment details as well as my personal photo and documents for verification.

And I have to admit it, the customer support team is very helpful in this manner.

How would you like to see Kwikcar improve in the future?

I would like to see this service open to other countries in the future, as I’d love renting a Kwikcar during my travels & take it touring across the country in such easiness and convenience.

What would you say to those who have been thinking about renting a car, but haven’t gone through with the entire process yet?

Grab your Mobile phone, download Kwikcar & the process is as easy as booking an Airbnb online!

You’ll get the chance to choose your preferred rental criteria, define your budget choice, car specs…etc. And lastly but never least, the whole process is insured by Allianz and they have a 24hr road assistance support, which gives me personally self-assurance while driving my rental.

That’s it from us this week! If you’re worried about the high cost of maintenance when you purchase a car in this age and time, fret not – because Kwikcar has your back. Rent a car from over 150 listed cars on our platform – for an affordable rate, and a convenient experience, by getting the nearest car to you. Download Kwikcar now and start your hassle free rental.

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Escaping The City Life

We’re halfway into 2018.. If you haven’t done anything nice for yourself yet, stop whatever you are doing, and treat yourself to a nice getaway, even if it’s just for a weekend. Taking time to unwind and relax will definitely freshen you up after working hard day in and day out at your jobs. We found these 5 locations to be perfect for pampering yourself with a relaxing weekend off with your friends.

  1.   Sekeping Serendah
  2. If you often find yourself lost in thought during your walks in nature, then this is the perfect spot for your retreat. The facilities are kept basic and open for you to enjoy the beauty of your natural surroundings. With easy access to waterfalls, fishing ponds, and even 2 Orang Asli villages! This is a getaway for those who want to forget about the busy city for a few days. Learn more...

  3.   The Dusun
  4. This getaway location was built by a couple for their own family’s retreat from the city, and it soon bloomed into a popular spot for those who wanted a break from their busy lives. With 5 houses and also two infinity pools for guests to enjoy, this is a great spot for couples or a small group of friends to enjoy their weekend. With a short drive, you can also visit an ostrich farm and a deer park nearby. Learn more...

  5.   Sarang by the Brook
  6. Have you ever stayed in a shipping container before? If you want to experience it, pay a visit to this sanctuary. With only 11 rooms and also a number of activities for you to take part in, you can have the experience of a lifetime here. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can also join The Night Jungle Experience, where you’ll experience jungle trekking at night (with a proper and experienced tour guide, of course). Learn more...

  7.   Selepas Hujan
  8. The name of this sanctuary ‘Selepas Hujan’ translates to After the Rain, so you can imagine the kind of place this is, where you can relax and enjoy nature, while also having a home all to yourselves, equipped with all the necessities you will need. Suitable for couples of a small group of 4, you can go jungle trekking and also bird watching here. Learn more...

  9.   The Shorea
  10. Your dream getaway is closer to home than you think. Located in Seremban, this spot is suited for large groups who are planning on going on trip for a few days. Go on nature walks, enjoy the waterfalls, and if you’re not planning for any other activities, you can also enjoy the beautiful villa itself. Learn more...

Excited about planning your next, well deserved getaway? The only thing left to put the cherry on top of your plans is a great car and guess what? We have that covered for you. Download Kwikcar now, and find the perfect car for you and your friends or loved ones to drive off into relaxing bliss.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Car This Raya

It’s two weeks into Ramadan, and soon it’ll be Eid Mubarak. Have you made plans for your trip back home for the celebration yet? If you’re still unsure about transportation to get back home, keep reading to see how Kwikcar can help you:

  1.   Go back home in style
  2. Raya - that time of the year where you get to go out and meet friends & family in everything brand new – shoes, clothes, bags… Bring a nice car back home and it will be complete. So when you meet that one friend who enjoys bragging about themselves, you’ll have something to brag about too! Make this Raya a special one, by renting a car of your choice from our community of over 120 listings.

  3.   Save money on expensive plane tickets
  4. Flights are super expensive when it comes to Raya season. Instead of splurging on an RM800 flight back home, you can book a car for as low as RM450 a week and drive back home without worrying about the impact on your wallet. By saving money on plane tickets, you’ll have extra cash to spend on yourselves and your loved ones on this special occasion!

  5.   Travel with your family comfortably
  6. If you’re away from home and your family for studies/work and Raya is the one occasion in the year where all of you can get together and spend quality time together then treat yourself and your family by renting a spacious, comfortable car on Kwikcar for your Raya travels. With a simple gesture, you can make your Raya celebration more special and meaningful for your parents and siblings.

  7.   Go visiting on your own time
  8. Sharing one car with all your siblings is tedious, especially when you have plans to visit your friend during Raya, but your siblings/parents are using the car and you are stuck at home just waiting for someone to pick you up. Forget about waiting around at home for transportation, and take charge of your own plans by having a car ready to use according to your schedule!

  9.   Carpool back home with your friends
  10. Do you have any friends from your hometown who are currently living in KL for work/studies? If you do, you can all rent a car on Kwikcar and split the cost among each other to drive back home for Raya. Instead of driving alone, it would be more fun to go on a road trip with your buddies. Save money, have fun, and drive safely!

Are you convinced to rent a car on our platform yet? If yes, then download our App now and request for the car of your dreams to bring back home for Hari Raya.

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How to Handover Your Car

Do you have an APPROVED booking on our app and now you’re trying to figure out what to do next? If you’ve gone through the process of accepting a rental request, and renting a car from one of our community members... The next step is to complete the car handover process. Continue reading to find out more about the entire process of handing over the car.

  1.   Meet each other

  2. Before the rental begins, make sure that both parties have agreed on the meeting arrangements, for the car owner to handover the car to the renter. If delivery of car is required, both parties will agree on the charges that will be incurred. Do note that for deliveries, Owners are eligible to charge Renters cash on the spot upon delivery - so please communicate with each other.

  3.   Agree on the condition of the car

    • Inspect the car
    • Check for any pre-existing damages on the car before the rental begins, in order to avoid any complications when returning the car.

    • Owner notes down pre-existing damages
    • In any case that there is any particular damage on the car, make sure that the owner notes down all of it into the section provided in the App (refer to picture below).

    • Submit for renter review
    • After agreeing on the condition of the car, the car owner has to submit it to the renter via the App.

    • Renter accepts
    • Review the Handover Submission and ensure everything is filled out correctly, and approve it on the App.

  4.   Start rental
  5. And there you go, Handover Done. Now you can take the keys, go out and have fun!

Handing over your car to the renter is normally a smooth and quick process, and it also helps if pictures are taken by both parties to agree on the condition of the car, stored on their respective phones. For all of you who haven’t accepted any rental requests yet, take note of this process and make sure not to miss out on anything! Start listing your car for rent now, and generate extra income!

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How to Verify Yourself On Kwikcar

Are you having a hard time trying to figure out the documents that you are supposed to submit during the user registration process? Fret not! Read on for a step-by-step guide through the process to get verified in no-time!

  1.   I.C/Mykad/Passport

  2. If you’re Malaysian, take a photo of your I.C/MyKad. Ensure that the picture is clear, and that the details are visible. For all the expats out there, take a photo of the details page on your passport. Just upload the image on our App and you can proceed with the next step. If you notice that the picture is unclear, just take another one! Rest assured, your documents are automatically watermarked when uploaded onto the App, for added security.

  3.   Driving License/International Driving License

  4. After uploading the image of your I.C/MyKad/Passport, then you’ll have to upload a photo of your Malaysian Driver’s License. Don’t have a Malaysian Driver’s license? Don’t worry! Upload a photo of your local license next to your international driver’s license (details page). In order for you to be eligible to rent a car from Kwikcar, you have to make sure that you have passed the probationary driving stage, and you should also possess a valid driving license. So remember to renew your license if the expiry date is almost near!

  5.   Selfie With I.C/Driving License

  6. The last photo that you need to provide is an image of your I.C/Driving License next to your real face. If you are wondering why you still need to upload a selfie of yourself with the documents, it is to ensure that the identity of the user matches the I.C/Driving License that is provided during the registration process. The safety of our platform is taken very seriously, and we always go through a proper vetting process before verifying the users that have registered on Kwikcar. This is an important step in making sure that you get verified, so do make sure that the image clearly captures the I.C/Driving License and your face!

  7.   Bank Account Details

  8. This last step is one that is frequently missed out by our users. To be a verified user, we require a bank account that is registered under your name. We use these details purely for verification purposes. For payments in the future, you will have the option to pay with your credit/debit card of your choosing or your PayPal account. Remember guys, the bank account that you submit also has to match the name on your I.C/Passport.

And it’s as simple as that! Just 4 steps to verify yourself on Kwikcar, and begin your rental journey. For those who haven’t gone through the registration process yet. Don’t wait! Come and join the community and get access to a wide range of cars at the best rates in town.

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Our community speaks: Karthik earns a second income with his car

When Kwikcar was founded there was one goal in mind: to give Malaysians, and people living in Malaysia an extra outlet to earn money and ease the cost of living. When we started to notice that the majority of cars were just sitting around idle for 90% of the day, everything clicked and Kwikcar was born; to give car owners an avenue to an additional income from their idle cars.

Karthik Ramachandran is one of those Car Owners. He’s listed a number of cars on the platform, and is at the time of writing one of our most active users, boasting close to a 100% response rate on requests for his cars. He’s an I.T graduate who now owns his own business and after working close to 20 years, Karthik wanted to expand and do more than just I.T. He found himself exploring a few options in other midmarkets that he could work on, and found that the car rental market was one that he believed would garner success. We spoke to Karthik about his experience so far. Read on to see his thoughts below.

How did you learn about Kwikcar?

I went for the Malaysia Auto Show in 2017 at MAEPS, and came across Kwikcar’s booth. I stopped by and spoke to one of your representatives and she was kind enough to explain the entire platform to me, which prompted me to download the App. After that event, I took some time before listing out my first car on the platform.

What are your thoughts about the car-sharing industry?

I think it is good, especially for people like me who actually own a few cars. Whenever my car is not in use and is idle at home, I can actually monetize my vehicle by renting it out on this platform. The car sharing industry actually helps me earn money from an asset which would be just sitting idly in the parking lot.

How has renting out your car benefited you?

As I mentioned earlier, actively putting up my car for rent has allowed me to earn revenue from this idle asset. There is always a demand for car rentals, and Kwikcar acts as the medium for me to actually rent out my car to individuals. My cars are usually on the road, even when I am not using it.

Are your cars rented out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis on Kwikcar?

I have selected daily, weekly, and monthly rentals on Kwikcar, and have various requests from renters ranging from a few days to even a full month. I have the full spectrum of rentals on the App, but moving forward I think i’ll opt for a 2 week maximum duration.

How many days’ worth of renting does it actually take to cover the monthly commitments of your car?

For me most of my cars are fully paid, but for the one car that I still have a loan on it, if I took my Myvi and rent it out for a month, it would cover the monthly payments for the loan.

What gave you motivation to rent out your car?

I actually had one car that was idle for quite some time, and I decided to put it out for rent and see the outcome of it. I gave it a shot, and my first rental was for 3 days, and then I received a request for a day rental and not long after, it was rented out for an entire month. There was a natural progression in the requests from renters that I received, and it was quite successful.

What are your thoughts on the process of listing out your car on the App?

It was quite an easy process, but a bit confusing in the beginning. I provided a picture of my I.C & Driving License. However, I was quite apprehensive about uploading a selfie of myself in the registration process, nevertheless I submitted it.

Can you share a few words for those who want to rent out their car but haven’t went through with the process of listing their car up for rent?

First of all, you have to think of your car as an asset that is idle and the opportunity to monetize the asset that is not being frequently used. As long as you can overcome that barrier, then you can go ahead with listing your car up for rent. Kwikcar has actually done the due diligence in keeping the community as safe as they can, so there should not be any complaints, issues, or concerns from those who are interested in renting out their cars. Maybe, you can try out a short rental, and see if you will have the motivation to venture into further rental durations.

And that’s that! So if you are a car owner that has a car sitting around idly, what are you waiting for? You too can start earning money from renting out your car to our community! You will always have the final decision on whether or not you accept a request, and are always shown the duration, earnings, who you are renting out your car to, and for how long. Download Kwikcar now & Start listing your car in a few simple steps.

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15 warnings you need to know about your car

Many of us in Malaysia can be considered seasoned drivers. Afterall, most of us have been driving since we were 17 years old! But there’s one thing about cars that most of us don’t know about (even though we should) - it’s those pesky warning signals that appear on the dashboard often sending us into a whirlwind of panic and confusion everytime they pop up.

  1.   Coolant Temp Warning
  2. Let’s start with this. If this little symbol lights up while you are cruising on the highway, it’s indicating that the engine has exceeded the temperature limit. It’s best to let the engine cool off for 15 minutes, and get it checked by a professional.

  3.   Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)
  4. In any case that this symbol starts to blink on your dashboard, it can be caused by various reasons; a faulty spark plug, the gas cap of your vehicle is loose/missing, your car’s catalytic converter is not working, or maybe the oxygen sensor and Mass Airflow Sensor needs to be replaced. Get your car checked at the nearest trusted mechanic!

  5.   Oil Pressure Warning
  6. There can be a few meanings for this symbol,

    1. Your car is running low on Engine Oil. Check your engine with a dipstick and get to the nearest petrol station or mechanic so you can refill your engine oil.
    2. Is your engine oil level normal or in the safe zone? Then the sensor that activates this warning light may be spoilt.
    3. The oil pump could also be faulty which means that the engine oil isn’t being circulated well. Visit the nearest workshop to inspect your car!

  7.   Anti-Lock Brake Warning
  8. Abs? No, it’s A-B-S. This function helps your car maintain its’ traction with the surface of the road, so always be wary when it blinks, especially on slippery roads! Get a professional to check the issue, and you’ll thank yourselves for it.

  9.   Battery Alert
  10. This symbol is telling us that the voltage level of our cars’ battery is low, so it’s time to change that battery! The process takes less than 5 minutes to do, and save yourself from being stranded by the roadside waiting for Roadside Assistance.

  11.   Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  12. When you see this symbol, then one or all of your tires are low on pressure. Get it filled with air at the nearest mechanic or petrol station. If your tire pressure is alright, then it’s possible that the sensor is spoilt.

  13.   Fuel Indicator Symbol
  14. Of course, when this symbol lights up we should all know what it means? Go get your car refueled! Also, the arrow next to this symbol indicates which side of the car the gas cap is, just incase you forgot which side you have to go to.

  15.   Washer Fluid Reminder
  16. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand a dirty windshield, then this helpful warning light is a reminder to fill your car’s washer fluid container!

  17.   Airbag Faulty
  18. Always put safety first, before anything else. If you happen to see this symbol light up, immediately go get it checked at a professional, make sure that the airbag system in your car is working well at all times.

  19.   ESP Fault
  20. This indicates that your vehicle’s anti-skid system is not functioning well, usually when the roads are slippery. Don’t ignore this symbol and find out how to solve the problem!

  21.   Security Alert
  22. 2 possibilities; the ignition switch of your car is locked momentarily, and needs the appropriate transponder to allow you to start the car. If the symbol stays visible on your dashboard continuously, there is a flaw in the security system of your car, so you’ll have to call your car dealer or local mechanic for help.

  23.   Fog Lamp
  24. When you turn on the fog lamps in your car, this symbol lights up to indicate that your fog lamps are now turned on (of course). Remember, every car is different so it’s best to read up on your car manual to learn how to turn on the fog lamps!

  25.   Door Ajar
  26. This symbol is pretty obvious, as it shows a car with two open doors. Make sure your car doors and car hood/trunk are always closed properly, in order to avoid your car battery from being drained or someone unwillingly falling out of the car.

  27.   Seatbelt Reminder Light
  28. Always remember to buckle up whenever you’re in a vehicle, to be safe at all times. Make this your top priority and first action when you get in the car, whether you are sitting in the backseat, passenger seat, or driver’s seat.

  29.   Main Beam Headlights
  30. Sometimes we accidentally turn on the main beam headlights of our car, without realizing it. If you’re wondering why drivers are flickering their lights while passing you, it’s an indicator for you to turn it off. We all make mistakes, but it’s good to know what this symbol means whenever you look at your dashboard!

That’s it from us! We understand that there are a lot of symbols for you to remember, so go ahead and bookmark this post and you will never have to worry about forgetting the meaning of any blinking symbols on your dashboard. Remember to always pay attention to your car and do not panic in any situation!

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5 kwiktips to take good care of your car

Whether or not you’re renting out your car, here’s a few list of the required things to change take good care of your car! Come and check this up!

  1.   Keep it clean
  2. A few things are required: bucket, sham, mitt, water and soap and a bunch of friends. Turn the music on and clean all of your cars while pretending to be rock stars! Or hire your teenage kids to do it! Otherwise, dirt and grime could damage both interior and exterior of your car.

  3.   Good storage means good car
  4. If you’re not using your car everyday, a few simple things can make a big difference: make sure your car is covered, topped up with fuel and started often enough to keep the battery charged. Otherwise your battery could go flat or your engine could be damaged.

  5.   Check your tire pressure every month
  6. Poor breaking, instabilities, flat tires are all due to incorrect tire pressure. Replacing it will cost way more than being careful and foresighted.

  7.   Change your oil
  8. This is one of the most important things to do: oil keeps vital engine parts well lubricated so that they won’t overheat and it also prevents deterioration. If your car doesn’t have fresh oil, it might suffer from dirt building up and eventually, it will damage the engine.

  9.   Check your mirrors
  10. Having a good, clean set of front and rear view mirror is essential. Your visibility on the road is precious, and taking good care of it could save a life

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What if you had RM 500?

Christopher Reeve once said “so many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable”.
Contrary to the old-ways of thinking, we believe that daydreaming is not a bad thing. It actually helps you find ways to improve your life.

Picture this: it’s the end of the month, and money is running low. You’re thinking of the cheapest places to eat, and how you’re going to make your money last until payday. It’s getting tougher each day to survive without borrowing money. In times like this, wouldn’t an extra an extra RM500 be a blessing?

The good news is, you don’t have to dream about that RM500. All you have to do is list your car on Kwikcar, rent it out for a couple of days and next thing you know, you’ve received RM500 in your bank account! Think about it. We always need extra money, so why not rent out your car over the weekend when you’re not using it? Or maybe for a week or a month - the longer the duration, the more you earn!

It couldn’t be easier. Just download the Kwikcar app, and once your account is verified, you can proceed to publish your car on the platform. For further peace of mind, all Renters are reviewed and you will always have full power to accept or decline any rental that comes your way.

Life is full of ways to earn extra money, and make your life better, don’t let this one slip.

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5 Kwiktips to be the perfect renter

Well, you’ve managed to book a car, and you’re wondering what you need to do? Well, read ahead very carefully. We’re sharing five kwiktips on how to be the perfect renter.

  1.   ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’
  2. The Golden Rule.

    We all know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to contact someone and they don’t pick up their calls or respond to your messages.

    Always stay in touch with the owner when you’re picking up and returning the car. If you think your number is not going to be reachable, let the owner know of another way they can contact you.

  3.   ‘He that rises late must trot all day’
  4. Once you and the car owner have decided what time to meet and handover the car, make sure you show up on time! This will put you and the owner in a good mood, which increases the satisfaction of your rental.

    Also, don’t forget to complete the Handover Agreement on the Kwikcar app before you start driving.

  5.   ‘Slow and steady wins the race’
  6. DRIVE SAFELY! Don’t speed, and make sure you follow all traffic and parking laws. As a Renter, you will be responsible for any traffic or parking infringements that occur during of your rental period.

    Yes, you have paid for the rental, but you will still need to return the car to it’s original owner. So, drive safely, and avoid putting yourself -and the car- in danger.

  7.   ‘Doing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right’
  8. Fill up the car with petrol before you return it! It’s a Kwikcar rule that you return the car with the same amount of petrol as you received it. Now you’re aware of that, don’t forget it!

  9.   ‘Punctuality is the virtue of Kings’
  10. When the time comes to return the car, don’t be late! Trust is an important part of the Kwikcar community. The car Owner has already agreed to rent out his car for a very affordable price - don’t take advantage of them by returning the car late. If you do return it late, you may be liable for late fees and/or additional rental days.

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5 kwik reasons to rent a car

Hey there!

I see you’ve been browsing our page, and stumbled onto our blog. If you’re still thinking about whether or not you’d like to try out our service, let me stop you right there. It’s time for you to stop thinking, and start doing.
Here we go: 5 KWIK reasons that should change your mind.

  1.   Renting VS Owning in a big city
  2. Monthly loans, yearly insurance, road tax with maintenance and depreciation of your car’s value on top of all that! The worst part? Even when you’re not using your car, you’re paying for it. Kwikcar provides you with a platform to find affordable car rentals, whether you want it for a day, week or even month.
    Why bother buying a car, when you can rent one for so much less money?

  3.   Road Trips
  4. We all deserve a good getaway once in awhile. Especially after a stressful week, or month at work. If you’re dying to go on a well-deserved road trip but you don’t have the car for it, you could easily rent a car from Kwikcar to go on a road-trip you’ll never forget.

    Whether you’re alone and want a fancy sports car, or you’re with your squad; you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect car at an unbelievably affordable price.

  5.   Bragging Rights
  6. Meeting the new in-laws, or maybe there’s an old school reunion planned and you want to make all your old schoolmates and classmates jealous? We understand.
    For just 1 night (or more if you’re staying with your in-laws) - you can drive whatever car you want. Whether it’s an Audi R8, a Lamborghini Huracán, or even a Toyota Alphard. The best part? They’re all more affordable than you think!

  7.   A date you won’t forget
  8. If you don’t have a high school reunion, there’s one thing that’s maybe more important: impressing a new date.

    We’ve all been there: your clothes look great, you’ve been going to the gym, saving money, doing everything you can to look good and plan for this highly anticipated date night. But your car. You don’t feel it's up to the standard you’re trying to set.

    Now we have a solution! Just rent a car on Kwikcar and you can impress your hot date. In fact, why stop at 1 night for a date? Rent a car every day on Kwikcar and not only will you save money, you’ll also be able to impress everyone 24/7!

  9.   Environmental concerns
  10. This planet needs more attention than we think. Little daily acts mean a lot. Cars contribute to more environmental damage than we realise. If you don’t know what you can do about it, think about this fact: for every car shared, and rented on Kwikcar, there are 15 fewer cars on the road. Reducing carbon footprint makes a huge difference the environment. Just think about that - you can save money by renting a car instead of owning one and help the planet!

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Do you want to drive like Tony Stark?

Do you remember sitting down to watch Iron Man, and how you felt when you saw Tony Stark’s beautiful Audi R8 Spyder? If you’ve ever dreamed about sitting behind the wheel of one the world’s most recognizable sports car - let us tell you that your dream can become a reality!

A Kwikcar Renter - Sean, managed to make his dream of driving the R8 a reality when he rented the luxury sports car for a road-trip down to Melaka. He managed to experience first-hand, the outstanding performance of the Audi R8.

Indeed, the Audi R8 is a sight to behold and a simply breathtaking car to drive; equipped with a top speed of 323 km/h and 540 horsepower, the Audi R8 is truly a one-of-a-kind car.

It didn’t take long for Sean to start driving either, from the moment he decided he was going to drive the R8 all he had to do was to make the booking through the Kwikcar app, pay for the rental and then meet the Owner to pick up the car. He made his dream come true in just a few steps.

No a fan of the Audi R8? That’s not an issue. Kwikcar is always looking at methods to expand the variety of cars that are available on the platform, whilst still maintaining a good and affordable experience for Renters.

In fact, in conjunction with a corporate event - another Kwikcar user rented a Lamborghini Huracán for a day. If you don’t believe that all this is possible, all you have to do is download the Kwikcar mobile app and follow the sign up instructions, and you just might be the next person to be driving around KL in a sports car.

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The future of car rentals: Kwikcar

Leveraging on the success and advantages of the sharing economy, Kwikcar was created to upgrade an often-overlooked service: Car Rentals.

For a long time, car rental has been considered as an inconvenient, expensive and restrictive industry only used when all options had been exhausted. Kwikcar was created with these problems in mind, knowing it could bring a secure, flexible and affordable service to the world.

But who are we?

It’s simple. Kwikcar is a peer-to-peer car rental start up in Malaysia. Recently launched because we had enough of the costly and restrictive car rental companies. We created a simple, straightforward process to guide Renters who need a car to rent. All you have to do is download the app and follow the sign up instructions, and you can start searching for the perfect car!

Kwikcar also gives private car owners the ability to turn their idle cars from cash-draining to cash-making. The process is equally as simple, download the app and sign up - then just publish your car on the app by providing pictures, location and a description, and keep an eye out for the Kwikcar notifications informing you of rental requests, or Renters enquiring about your car.

Our team is fully committed to help everyone on the platform. Whether you’re an Owner or a Renter, rest assured our team will do everything to assist you during the process and answer any question you may have.

But Kwikcar is not like any typical car rental company. We’re a close-knit group of people dedicated to improving ourselves and the Kwikcar app that we operate. It’s that sort of mentality that we try to overflow into our work and the experience of our Users.

Renting a car on Kwikcar is definitely worth a shot. So, what are you waiting for?

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Welcome to a new era


All over the world, a new trend has been gaining traction. Ever since the rise of giant start-ups UBER and Airbnb, the Sharing Economy industry has been teeming with growth. If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s high time you get in!


In this ever evolving world, we’re always seeking for new ways to improve the quality of our lives. The Sharing Economy or “Peer Economy” is just the newest way to give our lives the boost it deserves by providing us with affordable, effortless, and eco-friendly ways to consume the things we need in our lives.

With connectivity amongst people in Asia skyrocketing, now is the perfect time to get on the bandwagon of improving our lives with the peer economy. The strength of this new economic model is in it’s name, the purchasing public no longer have to deal with the rigidity of traditional businesses. Not only does the public benefit from an upgrade to his purchasing power, they’re also given the choice to contribute to the business and get some extra money by providing the service that is sought after.

Lets take the car rental industry as an example. Previously considered a taboo - it’s now possible (and even commonly done) to rent out your car to your neighbour, a colleague, or even complete strangers with the help of new platforms like Kwikcar.

In place of a once notoriously expensive and rigid corporation of traditional car rental agencies, now companies like Kwikcar have provided an affordable, flexible service to everyone who need to rent a car, whilst giving every-day public car owners the chance to earn more money for themselves. With procedures crafted to ensure the reliability and safety of all the Users on the app so that everyone has as good an experience as possible.

The world has driven into a new era. So what are you waiting for? Join us and join the car sharing community!

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