Welcome to a new era
The future of car rentals: Kwikcar
Do you want to drive like Tony Stark?
5 kwik reasons to rent a car
5 Kwiktips to be the perfect renter
What if you had RM 500?
5 kwiktips to take good care of your car

Welcome to a new era


All over the world, a new trend has been gaining traction. Ever since the rise of giant start-ups UBER and Airbnb, the Sharing Economy industry has been teeming with growth. If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s high time you get in!


In this ever evolving world, we’re always seeking for new ways to improve the quality of our lives. The Sharing Economy or “Peer Economy” is just the newest way to give our lives the boost it deserves by providing us with affordable, effortless, and eco-friendly ways to consume the things we need in our lives.

With connectivity amongst people in Asia skyrocketing, now is the perfect time to get on the bandwagon of improving our lives with the peer economy. The strength of this new economic model is in it’s name, the purchasing public no longer have to deal with the rigidity of traditional businesses. Not only does the public benefit from an upgrade to his purchasing power, they’re also given the choice to contribute to the business and get some extra money by providing the service that is sought after.

Lets take the car rental industry as an example. Previously considered a taboo - it’s now possible (and even commonly done) to rent out your car to your neighbour, a colleague, or even complete strangers with the help of new platforms like Kwikcar.

In place of a once notoriously expensive and rigid corporation of traditional car rental agencies, now companies like Kwikcar have provided an affordable, flexible service to everyone who need to rent a car, whilst giving every-day public car owners the chance to earn more money for themselves. With procedures crafted to ensure the reliability and safety of all the Users on the app so that everyone has as good an experience as possible.

The world has driven into a new era. So what are you waiting for? Join us and join the car sharing community!

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The future of car rentals: Kwikcar

Leveraging on the success and advantages of the sharing economy, Kwikcar was created to upgrade an often-overlooked service: Car Rentals.

For a long time, car rental has been considered as an inconvenient, expensive and restrictive industry only used when all options had been exhausted. Kwikcar was created with these problems in mind, knowing it could bring a secure, flexible and affordable service to the world.

But who are we?

It’s simple. Kwikcar is a peer-to-peer car rental start up in Malaysia. Recently launched because we had enough of the costly and restrictive car rental companies. We created a simple, straightforward process to guide Renters who need a car to rent. All you have to do is download the app and follow the sign up instructions, and you can start searching for the perfect car!

Kwikcar also gives private car owners the ability to turn their idle cars from cash-draining to cash-making. The process is equally as simple, download the app and sign up - then just publish your car on the app by providing pictures, location and a description, and keep an eye out for the Kwikcar notifications informing you of rental requests, or Renters enquiring about your car.

Our team is fully committed to help everyone on the platform. Whether you’re an Owner or a Renter, rest assured our team will do everything to assist you during the process and answer any question you may have.

But Kwikcar is not like any typical car rental company. We’re a close-knit group of people dedicated to improving ourselves and the Kwikcar app that we operate. It’s that sort of mentality that we try to overflow into our work and the experience of our Users.

Renting a car on Kwikcar is definitely worth a shot. So, what are you waiting for?

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Do you want to drive like Tony Stark?

Do you remember sitting down to watch Iron Man, and how you felt when you saw Tony Stark’s beautiful Audi R8 Spyder? If you’ve ever dreamed about sitting behind the wheel of one the world’s most recognizable sports car - let us tell you that your dream can become a reality!

A Kwikcar Renter - Sean, managed to make his dream of driving the R8 a reality when he rented the luxury sports car for a road-trip down to Melaka. He managed to experience first-hand, the outstanding performance of the Audi R8.

Indeed, the Audi R8 is a sight to behold and a simply breathtaking car to drive; equipped with a top speed of 323 km/h and 540 horsepower, the Audi R8 is truly a one-of-a-kind car.

It didn’t take long for Sean to start driving either, from the moment he decided he was going to drive the R8 all he had to do was to make the booking through the Kwikcar app, pay for the rental and then meet the Owner to pick up the car. He made his dream come true in just a few steps.

No a fan of the Audi R8? That’s not an issue. Kwikcar is always looking at methods to expand the variety of cars that are available on the platform, whilst still maintaining a good and affordable experience for Renters.

In fact, in conjunction with a corporate event - another Kwikcar user rented a Lamborghini Huracán for a day. If you don’t believe that all this is possible, all you have to do is download the Kwikcar mobile app and follow the sign up instructions, and you just might be the next person to be driving around KL in a sports car.

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5 kwik reasons to rent a car

Hey there!

I see you’ve been browsing our page, and stumbled onto our blog. If you’re still thinking about whether or not you’d like to try out our service, let me stop you right there. It’s time for you to stop thinking, and start doing.
Here we go: 5 KWIK reasons that should change your mind.

  1.   Renting VS Owning in a big city
  2. Monthly loans, yearly insurance, road tax with maintenance and depreciation of your car’s value on top of all that! The worst part? Even when you’re not using your car, you’re paying for it. Kwikcar provides you with a platform to find affordable car rentals, whether you want it for a day, week or even month.
    Why bother buying a car, when you can rent one for so much less money?

  3.   Road Trips
  4. We all deserve a good getaway once in awhile. Especially after a stressful week, or month at work. If you’re dying to go on a well-deserved road trip but you don’t have the car for it, you could easily rent a car from Kwikcar to go on a road-trip you’ll never forget.

    Whether you’re alone and want a fancy sports car, or you’re with your squad; you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect car at an unbelievably affordable price.

  5.   Bragging Rights
  6. Meeting the new in-laws, or maybe there’s an old school reunion planned and you want to make all your old schoolmates and classmates jealous? We understand.
    For just 1 night (or more if you’re staying with your in-laws) - you can drive whatever car you want. Whether it’s an Audi R8, a Lamborghini Huracán, or even a Toyota Alphard. The best part? They’re all more affordable than you think!

  7.   A date you won’t forget
  8. If you don’t have a high school reunion, there’s one thing that’s maybe more important: impressing a new date.

    We’ve all been there: your clothes look great, you’ve been going to the gym, saving money, doing everything you can to look good and plan for this highly anticipated date night. But your car. You don’t feel it's up to the standard you’re trying to set.

    Now we have a solution! Just rent a car on Kwikcar and you can impress your hot date. In fact, why stop at 1 night for a date? Rent a car every day on Kwikcar and not only will you save money, you’ll also be able to impress everyone 24/7!

  9.   Environmental concerns
  10. This planet needs more attention than we think. Little daily acts mean a lot. Cars contribute to more environmental damage than we realise. If you don’t know what you can do about it, think about this fact: for every car shared, and rented on Kwikcar, there are 15 fewer cars on the road. Reducing carbon footprint makes a huge difference the environment. Just think about that - you can save money by renting a car instead of owning one and help the planet!

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5 Kwiktips to be the perfect renter

Well, you’ve managed to book a car, and you’re wondering what you need to do? Well, read ahead very carefully. We’re sharing five kwiktips on how to be the perfect renter.

  1.   ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’
  2. The Golden Rule.

    We all know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to contact someone and they don’t pick up their calls or respond to your messages.

    Always stay in touch with the owner when you’re picking up and returning the car. If you think your number is not going to be reachable, let the owner know of another way they can contact you.

  3.   ‘He that rises late must trot all day’
  4. Once you and the car owner have decided what time to meet and handover the car, make sure you show up on time! This will put you and the owner in a good mood, which increases the satisfaction of your rental.

    Also, don’t forget to complete the Handover Agreement on the Kwikcar app before you start driving.

  5.   ‘Slow and steady wins the race’
  6. DRIVE SAFELY! Don’t speed, and make sure you follow all traffic and parking laws. As a Renter, you will be responsible for any traffic or parking infringements that occur during of your rental period.

    Yes, you have paid for the rental, but you will still need to return the car to it’s original owner. So, drive safely, and avoid putting yourself -and the car- in danger.

  7.   ‘Doing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right’
  8. Fill up the car with petrol before you return it! It’s a Kwikcar rule that you return the car with the same amount of petrol as you received it. Now you’re aware of that, don’t forget it!

  9.   ‘Punctuality is the virtue of Kings’
  10. When the time comes to return the car, don’t be late! Trust is an important part of the Kwikcar community. The car Owner has already agreed to rent out his car for a very affordable price - don’t take advantage of them by returning the car late. If you do return it late, you may be liable for late fees and/or additional rental days.

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What if you had RM 500?

Christopher Reeve once said “so many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable”.
Contrary to the old-ways of thinking, we believe that daydreaming is not a bad thing. It actually helps you find ways to improve your life.

Picture this: it’s the end of the month, and money is running low. You’re thinking of the cheapest places to eat, and how you’re going to make your money last until payday. It’s getting tougher each day to survive without borrowing money. In times like this, wouldn’t an extra an extra RM500 be a blessing?

The good news is, you don’t have to dream about that RM500. All you have to do is list your car on Kwikcar, rent it out for a couple of days and next thing you know, you’ve received RM500 in your bank account! Think about it. We always need extra money, so why not rent out your car over the weekend when you’re not using it? Or maybe for a week or a month - the longer the duration, the more you earn!

It couldn’t be easier. Just download the Kwikcar app, and once your account is verified, you can proceed to publish your car on the platform. For further peace of mind, all Renters are reviewed and you will always have full power to accept or decline any rental that comes your way.

Life is full of ways to earn extra money, and make your life better, don’t let this one slip.

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5 kwiktips to take good care of your car

Whether or not you’re renting out your car, here’s a few list of the required things to change take good care of your car! Come and check this up!

  1.   Keep it clean
  2. A few things are required: bucket, sham, mitt, water and soap and a bunch of friends. Turn the music on and clean all of your cars while pretending to be rock stars! Or hire your teenage kids to do it! Otherwise, dirt and grime could damage both interior and exterior of your car.

  3.   Good storage means good car
  4. If you’re not using your car everyday, a few simple things can make a big difference: make sure your car is covered, topped up with fuel and started often enough to keep the battery charged. Otherwise your battery could go flat or your engine could be damaged.

  5.   Check your tire pressure every month
  6. Poor breaking, instabilities, flat tires are all due to incorrect tire pressure. Replacing it will cost way more than being careful and foresighted.

  7.   Change your oil
  8. This is one of the most important things to do: oil keeps vital engine parts well lubricated so that they won’t overheat and it also prevents deterioration. If your car doesn’t have fresh oil, it might suffer from dirt building up and eventually, it will damage the engine.

  9.   Check your mirrors
  10. Having a good, clean set of front and rear view mirror is essential. Your visibility on the road is precious, and taking good care of it could save a life

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