3 Apps That Can Save You From A Roadside Emergency

3 Apps That Can Save You From A Roadside Emergency

Your car does not talk and tell you its problem, it just breaks down. Therefore, these cars emergency helpers would be helpful to your request in their platforms and provide diagnosis services immediately at your location.


Whip Mobility.jpeg
Source: https://www.whipmobility.com/

A start-up in the United States, Whip has expanded to have a presence in Malaysia. Whip seeks to deliver on-demand auto parts to its customers. Although any orders could have come to Whip without any fore signs, it is ready to address the demand.


Source: https://www.bateriku.com/

At times, you are unsure if the problem comes from the car battery or not. The nice part about Bateriku is that it offers a free diagnosis that you only pay for the battery price. If the problem happens to not coming from the car battery, you do not need to pay for anything.


Source: https://carput.my/

Carput offers varies emergency repairing such as car battery delivery, flat tire replacement, towing services and even mere issue such as petrol delivery. Carput is available along the West Coast of Malaysia, covering states from Penang to Johor Bahru.

With these applications, we hope that you would not be left helpless by the roadside when an emergency happens. Kwikcar hopes a smooth journey for you! Kwikcar is a P2P car sharing platform that makes car renting more friendly to the community.