3 Hacks That You May Not Know That Maximizes the Usage of Our Kwikcar App

Thank you all Kwikcar users! It’s because of you, we’ve managed to not only improve but change to make a bigger difference – being more user friendly.

Here are some ways you can maximise the usage of our app.

Hack #1 Adding Car Brand on search filter

Kwikcar has now added “Car Make”, making it easier for renters to search for a vehicle by car brand. This would help users to search for a specific vehicle brand instead of going through a whole lot list of vehicles. We will also be integrating “car models” into our search filter later this year.


Hack #2  Chat with our car owners before renting

Not sure where to pick up your desired vehicle, have questions regarding the car you’re about to rent? Kwikcar has got you covered. Make use of our in-app chat function. With this hack, you will be able to have a chat with our car owners before even booking. So dear users, don’t be shy!



Hack #3  Look out for Super Owners

To begin with, what are Super Owners? Super Owners are experienced owners who has been given good feedback by our users regarding their vehicles condition, cleanliness and also extraordinary experiences to their vehicle renters – quick responses.

If you are ever unsure who to book a vehicle from, book a car from a Super Owner. As they have consistently provided great experience to other renters, you can be more confident in your booking. All Super Owners has a badge indicating their Super Owner status.



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