5 Cool Tidbits and Other Curiosities From Car Brands

5 Cool Tidbits and Other Curiosities From Car Brands

Before we wake you up again in September, let us end your August with some awesome facts behind 5 successful car brands. I bet you do not know about these facts before this.

1. Fiat S.p.A.

Photo credits to Instagram @abarth_club_croatia

Well, talking about Fiat, their cute Fiat 500 specifically designed for household usage would definitely come to mind. Yet, don’t feel shocked to know that this cute car producer is actually the holding company for cool and luxurious brands such as Maserati, Ferrari, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo. While all these brands have distinct histories, they were taken over by Fiat for business considerations in time as far as the ’80s. However, Ferrari spun off from Fiat in 2006.

2. Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes-Benz could be the eldest in the room among all car producers. Not just a luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz also has a rich history in car crafting industry. While there are a lot controversial over the inventor of the car, no doubt that the first commercialized car comes from Mercedes-Benz. Throughout various historical events and economics cycle, Mercedes-Benz is still able to command within the industry even until today.

3. Hyundai

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Hyundai’s presence in its origin land, South Korea, is beyond a car brand. Hyundai is one of the chaebol (conglomerate) in South Korea which has business ranges from biotechnology to advertising to financial sectors. When you come across a South Korean brand, high chances that it is a brand by Hyundai as well.

4. Kia

Photo credits to Instagram @kia_malaysia

Wondering what is the best gift for your lady? Maybe you should consider a car from Kia as a gift. According to iSeeCars’ data, Kia top the list of 10 car brands which are appealing to the ladies. Besides, Kia is the sister company of Hyundai, in which the former owns 20% share of the latter and Hyundai owns 1/3 of shares in Kia. Something worth mentioning is the business strategy adopted by Kia. This car brand is highly adaptable to the local culture of each country of its presence. Instagram strategy alone, Kia has more than 10 Instagram accounts to cater to its business in different countries.

5. Tesla

Photo credit to: Instagram @teslamotors

Tesla is the legend of an era, it gets to enter a high barrier industry and redefine the industry. Tesla is famous for pushing technology forward.
It leads the technology in the sector by investing heavily in self-driving and clean-energy car. Furthermore, Elon Musk is so charming that he has a strong fan base for the products under his leads (including me….).