5 Do’s & Don’ts While Being Stuck In Traffic


Whether you’re driving from Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, you’ll definitely be familiar with the frustration of being stuck in the morning jam! Don’t get annoyed by the seemingly slow Myvi driver in front of you! Here are Kwikcar’s 5 do’s and don’ts if you’re stuck in traffic:


Fall asleep at the wheel!

Had a late night? No matter how tempting it is, DO NOT catch up on sleep while you’re stuck in a jam. While driving, you need to be aware of your surroundings to prevent the worst from happening. If you’re too tired, pull over and park at a safe spot for a quick 20 minute nap.



Keep yourself awake – put on some music!

If you don’t have the benefit of pulling over, the alternative is to blast some music to keep yourself awake. Make sure it is not too loud as you still need to be aware of any honking from the cars around you.


Text and drive!

In fact, just DON’T USE YOUR SMARTPHONE if you’re driving. 55% of Malaysian drivers admit that they use the smartphone while driving – which can be reckless as it’s easy to get distracted.




Have some handy snacks ready to fuel your drive!

If you’re bored, turn on the radio and prepare a light healthy snack like a pack of nuts to munch on while you’re on the road. Just leave it on your dashboard so your eyes are still focused on the road. Fueling up also spikes your blood sugar so you’re less likely to feel drowsy and unfocused.


Rage at other drivers!

That Proton Saga driver might be in the wrong, but you’ll always have the knowledge that it was YOUR right of way. Focus on getting to your destination safely as bad drivers are not worth raging over. Remember, revenge is not the answer.



Practice some mindfulness meditation

A relatively new phenomenon that derives from traditional zen meditation, mindfulness meditation is a good way to help empty your mind of negative thoughts and focus on the road ahead. Download a few mindfulness podcasts to listen to for a calmer commute to work!



Take a picture of the accident that caused the jam.

Slowing down to look at a car accident causes an unnecessary build-up of cars on a road. Slowing down to take a picture on the other hand, not only makes the jam worse but is very disrespectful, especially if there are those who are injured.


Update Waze on the stand still

If you MUST use your smartphone whilst stuck in a traffic jam, use it wisely by informing the public about the jam. Send a quick update on the road that you’re on whether you’re in Kota Kinabalu or Subang Jaya, to ensure that the congestion doesn’t get any worse.



Ever seen bumper stickers that say “Don’t Kiss My Butt”? There is a higher risk of causing an accident if you drive TOO close to the Nissan Almera in front of you. All it takes is just a bit more force on the accelerator pedal – which can be hard to gauge at a close distance. Maintain a close but not an intimate distance from the car’s bumper by checking to see if you can see the other car’s wheels.



Give drivers the right of way when it is due

In a jam, it is tempting to ignore other cars squeezing in from the next lane, especially if you need to hurry to your destination. Remember to give other drivers the right of way when they are getting too close to prevent unnecessary accidents, especially if they used the signal light correctly.  

Whether you’re driving from Bangsar or Cheras, traffic jams are bound to frustrate you! Need a car that can withstand the congestion? Rent a car on Kwikcar at some of the best rates in the Klang Valley. Check out our range of models NOW.


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