5 Must-Try Foods When Visiting Ipoh

5 Must-Try Foods When Visiting Ipoh

Put on the loosest pants you have, here’s an IPOH (Perak) food trail you won’t want to miss! – bought to you by Kwikcar, the best carsharing platform in Malaysia.

1. Nam Heong White Coffee Shop

Nam Heong White Coffee Shop

Nam Heong is the most popular coffee shop in Ipoh (with its franchise Old Town White Coffee found all over Malaysia), however, the coffee here is known to be milder tasting than Sin Yoon Loong. Come for some great freshly baked egg tarts and a serving of Muah Chee, chewy glutinous rice balls coated with crunchy peanut crumbles and sugar!

2. Canning Garden

Canning Garden

Granted, there are quite a few Chee Cheong Fun hawkers in Ipoh but the stall in Canning Garden is one of the top 3 in town! Selling traditional (or original) Chee Cheong Fun, there are three flavors to choose from: mushroom gravy, chili sauce or sweet sauce. Customers may opt for a combination of two or even three of the flavours in one dish. Portions come in Small or Large sizes. P.S. It does get sold out quickly, visit this shop early to taste this dish, especially on the weekends!

3. Dai Shu Geok

Dai Shu Geok

Assam Laksa is beloved (and well sought after) by Malaysians and tourists alike! An addictive dish, especially for its tangy, spicy and sour fish broth, made with a base of Tamarind (Asam Jawa) juice, ginger flower, asam keping, and laksa leaves (Daun kesom). It’s served with thick noodles, with garnishes of cucumber, pineapples, sliced onions, mint and a slice of lime. Optional but recommended: a spoonful of prawn paste. A bowl of Assam Laksa at Dai Shu Geok never disappoints!

4. Lou Wong

Lou Wong

Ipoh is the chicken rice capital of Malaysia and Lou Wong 老黄 is the undisputed King going by celebrity and media endorsements. Founded over 60 years ago, Lou Wong is now a tourist destination. P.S. This is the tauge chicken (bean sprout chicken) restaurant that features in all the food blogs on Ipoh!

5. Paris Restaurant

Paris Restaurant

Another must-have in Ipoh is the Hakka Mee @ Paris Restaurant (previously at Yin Yau Kui Restaurant).  This place is apparently very famous among the locals and early in the morning, the shop is already fully packed. While these plain-looking noodles may look very ordinary, it is very delicious.  The noodles, which are hand-made, are very springy and cooked just right.  

Well, Ipoh definitely has MORE than the above we listed. Why not rent a Kwikcar now and drive to Ipoh? EXPLORE MORE, and share with us your travel experience. P.S. RM400 OFF for your next road trip 😉