5 NEW Bubble Tea Joints in Malacca *Updated Sept 2019

5 New Bubble Tea Joints in Malacca *Updated Sept 2019

What else can you do in Malacca, besides than visiting museums and food hunting at Jonker? Hmm, what about a trip of ‘bubble teas hunting’? Check out these Malaccans’ fave bb tea, that ONLY IN MALACCA at the moment.


image sourced from Instagram: whosteamalaysia

Hailing from Taiwan, Who’s Tea prides themselves in their special milk foam that will leave a small mustache mark on your lips 😉 Not forgetting their signature (handmade) Charcoal Panini, what a perfect match!

Who’s Tea is also the first bb tea store in M’sia that offers FREE game zone.

#2 Answer Tea

image sourced from Instagram:answertea.my

So-called, the ‘ask.fm’ of bubble teas… Just write your question on the cup holder, order a drink, and you’ll get your answer ‘printed’ on the
froth. P.S. The answer is ALWAYS bubble tea. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

an example of how words printed on froth look like

#3 Idea R

image sourced from Instagram: idear.official.my

If you’re looking for somewhere cozy in town… Idea R would be one of the best to-go for your afternoon tea and a bunch of imported snacks in your options! P.S. Super instagrammable too 😉

not to mention THE MUST – Soufflé <3

#4 Yoo Tea

image sourced from Facebook: Yoo Tea

Walk up to Yoo Tea and you’ll be greeted by their robot waiter ‘Xiao Pang’… The fruit teas here are a big hit, with fresh fruit chunks floating around in them. 

everything is served by Xiao Pang in the store

#5 Zapbalang

image sourced from Instagram: zapbalang.melaka

A homegrown bubble tea cafe in Malacca, who set out to make great teas that are inspired by our Malaysian taste buds, from classic boba milk tea to ‘rojak’ fruit tea, and many more!

Well, guess that’s another reason for you travel to Malacca? Share with us your ‘teas-hunting’ experience in Malacca, with #KwikExp on Instagram, and get rewarded RM20! >>> MORE