5 Ways to Keep Your Car Cleaner and Car Renters Closer

Ever wondered what it takes for car renters to run back to you over and over again just because your car is too irresistible to not be rented out?  Here are some of our tips and super owner tricks to keep your car cleaner and car renter closer!

Tip 1. Prohibit smoking in the car

Smoking in the car is a big no no! Smell created by cigarettes can linger in a car – its really smelly, and we’re dead serious! Not only does it smell bad, it can lead to the discoloration of fabrics in cars, such as those used for seats.

We understand it’s your vehicle at the end of the day, but if you’re thinking of carsharing your vehicle out, let’s be mindful that not all car renters are smokers nor do they enjoy renting car that smells like one. Car renters should too be mindful, that smoking in a rented car is prohibited!

Car renters, do take note that smoking in rented cars are prohibited. Renters caught smoking can be fined up to RM500 — it’s costly & not easy for car owners to remove the smell later on, so lets be considerate (: 


Tip 2. Thoughtful gestures warms the heart 

Welcome car renters to your car with small gestures! Preparing tissues and bottled waters for your car renters could be the key to capturing your car renters heart — its a win-win situation here for everyone! 

Top it off by providing a sealed trash bin in your car, it discourages littering in the car — we definitely don’t want car renters to be hiding used tissues into impossible areas of the car, do we? 


Tip 3. Scent your car 

Did you know? Our ability to smell is the most powerful and evocative of all our major senses? It instantly creates a positive memory. The road can be a stressful environment for us humans – trust us, we know! 

From inconsiderate drivers to lane hoggers and drivers that drives against the traffic rules, driving on the road is not necessarily the most enjoyable experience. Let’s not even get started with our traffic congestion and the smell of gasoline, diesel, typical road smells etc.

But imagine sitting in with relaxing scents of the great outdoors, or the scent of being in a large garden of lavender. Scent has proven to lift one’s mood for the better, even as gridlock firms around you.

Keeping your car scented, will definitely create a better a impression of a car that leads to you being an awesome car owner — you’re welcome! 


Tip 4. Provide reusable grocery bags in your car

What better way to encourage and move towards a greener and eco-friendlier future by being a good example yourself?

Encourage car renters to use the reusable bags you provided, it will not only reduce the usage of plastic bags but it will also impress upon your car renters of your thoughtfulness — everybody loves when things are organised, and not flying everywhere in the back of the car.


Tip 5. Keep your car washed and vacuumed

Getting your car washed and vacuum before delivering the car to your renter is always a plus point. A car’s condition speaks a lot about it’s owners. If you want your car returned in good tidy shape, set the rules right! Dirtying a car that is already dirty is always easier compared to a clean car.

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