Here’s How to Buy a Car in Malaysia

With speculations that the International Trade and Industry Ministry (Miti) may be looking to reduce excise duties, Malaysians might hold their horses in buying a new car and anticipate if this reduction may result in lower car prices.

This would be a step in progressing the development of the local vendor ecosystem through the procurement of more locally produced vehicle components. While there are no fixed promises, we can only await more details on possible changes regarding excise duty and incentives.

In the meantime, it is wise to note that getting a car can be a lengthy journey to prepare for. So let us drive you through the process of buying and acquiring a new ride so that you can jump into the driver’s seat as a new car owner as smoothly as possible. Continue reading “Here’s How to Buy a Car in Malaysia”

Why Car Rental Is A Good Alternative To Grab and MyCar

A few months ago, the Sun UK published how car ownership is predicted to completely die out in the next decade or so. Customers are moving towards the concept of car usership over ownership making ride-hailing services part of the literal movement in this new wave.


Hailing a taxi image


In Malaysia itself, the convenience of smartphones and ride-hailing apps such as Grab and MyCar, make it no longer an issue to get straight to your location at the tap of your screen. But then, ever wondered if there were even better ways to get around and cheaper? How about car rental for instance?

Let us dive in deeper into the potential risks and downsides of ride-hailing.

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How to Rent Your Car Out and Earn RM1000 a month!

At currently 28.2 million vehicles registered, the number of cars on Malaysian roads increase by over 1 million each year. We are also said to be one of the countries with the highest incidence of multiple car ownership globally with 54% of households owning more than one car.

It is no surprise, seeing that many Southeast Asians believe in car ownership as a social status of wealth and success. Others would assert that the unreliable or inconvenient public transport system contributes to the race to own a car as well. Continue reading “How to Rent Your Car Out and Earn RM1000 a month!”

How to Rent a Car in Malaysia

You have a destination. Whether it’s work, your relaxing holiday spot, a late afternoon meeting, a coffee date or to get home sweet home, you constantly need to be somewhere at a certain time. We strive to buy and own cars, but are they really worth it? 

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