4D3N From KL to the East Coast – Part 1

4D3N From KL to the East Coast - Part 1

Craving for a road trip but don’t know where to start? The East Coast might be one of the best options you can go for and here are the WHYs we mentioned before. We have attached a detailed itinerary for you so that you can have a smooth journey. READY, SET, GO!

#   Day 1    KL – Pahang

KL – Bentong, Pahang   ( 70 km, 60 mins )

KL - Bentong, Pahang

Just a short drive away from Kuala Lumpur lies a quaint little town called Bentong. Located on the western part of Pahang, this little town is not only known for its spicy ginger but also its durians. It’s truly a heaven for durian lovers as you can find durian here all year long, at an affordable price. Make a visit to the Durian Wonderland (Musang King Durian Farm), where you’ll get to experience cracking open the King of Fruits and enjoy it fresh from the trees! If you’re lucky enough, you can even partake in an “Eat-All-You-Can” durian buffet that is held seasonally, for you to taste out different types of durians.

Bentong, Pahang – Kuantan, Pahang   ( 220 km, 2 h )

Bentong - Kuantan, Pahang

Cherating is definitely one of the best places in Kuantan that you should not miss out on! Your first stop in this neck of the woods consists of Kampung Cherating Lama, where you can experience the thrill of snorkeling, mangrove riverboat rides, fireflies watching and more. Moving on, you might want to catch the sunset at  Cherating Beach, which is only about 2km away from the village.

#   Day 2    Pahang – Terengganu

Cherating, Pahang


Before you leave Cherating, you might want to visit their turtle sanctuary, where you can meet with these cute little guys… Turtle-watching is more adorable than one can possibly imagine. After all,  they’re just TOO cute!

Cherating, Pahang – Kemaman, Terengganu   ( 16 km, 20 mins )

Cherating - Kemaman, Terengganu

In this small fishing town, you can get your fill of sumptuous seafood for lunch at Restoran Tong Juan. Stuffed crabs are so good that you wonder why they only have it on the east coast.  

Kemaman, Terengganu – Kemasik, Terengganu   ( 25 km, 27 mins )

Kemaman - Kemasik, Terengganu

Kemasik beach is known for its magnificent seascape. Every year in February/March, there will be a 100m long sandbank forming nearby Kemasik Beach; while in July/August, due to the rainfall, this sandbank turns into a lagoon.

Kemasik, Terengganu – Crystal Mosque, Terengganu ( 140 km, 1 h 30 mins )

Kemasik - Crystal Mosque, Terengganu

The Crystal Mosque is one of the most unique mosques in Malaysia. It has a magnificent exterior, which is coated with steel, glass, and crystal. Definitely one of the best landmarks of Terengganu that you should pay a visit to.

Crystal Mosque, Terengganu – Teluk Mak Nik, Terengganu   ( 184 km, 2 h )

Crystal Mosque - Teluk Mak Nik

Turtles are known as the unofficial mascot in Terengganu. In Teluk Mak Nik, you can witness baby turtles hatching, and also experience the release of small turtles back to the sea when they have grown.

Well, that’s a wrap for the first 2days for your East Coast trip! CLICK HERE for the next part where we talk about the last 2 days of your East Coast Peninsular Malaysian road trip!

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