How To Deal With A Car Crisis

Car Stopped Beside Road

If your car is feeling a bit wobbly and you sense that something is wrong, always listen to your gut feeling and find a safe spot to stop your car for further inspection. The most important thing to do in this situation, is to not panic. Here are some tips for what you can do:

1. Find a Safe place to Stop Your Car


Car Stopped Beside Road

When your car is starting to malfunction, find a safe spot by the side of the road to avoid getting into an accident that could potentially damage your car even more. Stopping in a dangerous spot such as in the middle of the road could also put your precious life at risk.


2. Relax, Turn on the Emergency Signals


Car Hazard Light Button

Use your Hazard Lights to help other drivers on the road avoid being stuck behind your car. The button is typically in the middle of your dashboard. Turn it on and you may even get lucky and attract a helpful passerby!


3. Always Have Emergency Contact Numbers


Emergency Contacts in Phone

Once your car is safe and away from the road, immediately make a call. Either to a loved one to inform them of the situation, or to a towing service/roadside assistance helpline. We recommend contacting the Allianz Enhanced Road Warrior (ERW) helpline for 24-hour roadside assistance/minor roadside assistance. This includes towing and minor roadside repairs. All Kwikcar users can get the Allianz Enhanced Road Warrior helpline in the Help section on the app!


4. Wait in the Car Cautiously


Wait Safely In Car
If safety permits, it’s best to stay in the car (Especially if you’re alone). Let your friends or family know where you’re located so that they can come help or at least be aware of your situation and location, so that they can inform the relevant authorities to send help your way.


5. Keep All Important Belongings


Belongings In Car


Don’t forget to gather all your important belongings when your car is being towed and before it gets sent for repair. This will also help you avoid having to make another trip back to the workshop to get your items if you need it.



Now that you’ve taken down these important steps, you should be well equipped to handle any car situation at any time. Regular maintenance of your vehicle will help you avoid this situation altogether but it is always useful to be able to deal with a crisis when you’re faced with one.

However, should you ever find yourself in need of a car for daily traveling or for a holiday after your car breaks down, you can always rent a car from Kwikcar! We will always be here at your service with discounted car prices compared to the traditional car rental market pricing.



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