How to Rent a Car in Malaysia

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You have a destination. Whether it’s work, your relaxing holiday spot, a late afternoon meeting, a coffee date or to get home sweet home, you constantly need to be somewhere at a certain time. We strive to buy and own cars, but are they really worth it? 


Car rentals may be the answer to being at the right place at the right time. With a car, you’re the one in charge; no hurry in planning your time, more space for the ton of items you may need to lug around. So save the sweat (in our already humid weather!) and be prepared to be whizzed away.

Car rentals are increasingly available online not just at the click of a website but additionally, the tap of a phone. Kwikcar, being the first Malaysian peer-to-peer car sharing platform is about to walk you through the standard car rental process and how you can make it a whole lot easier for yourself.


The Basics

While we all want the best driving experience, there is no one car meets all. Common factors that can determine the best suited car for your needs would include the purpose of usage, dates and duration or your expectations. Things that you could consider:

  •  Number of passengers.
  •  Absolute must-have features, for example: safety features, rear cameras or Bluetooth connectivity.
  •  The cargo capacity you’ll be requiring.
  •  How accustomised you are to certain cars.



Rental costs

With the basic overview of your necessities, decide your budget and start comparing the prices across different car rental services. Platforms such as Drive.MY, Kayak, EasyRentCars and Rentalcars can give you a comprehensive range of prices between the sites and choices available giving you a better idea of what to expect.

Bear in mind that certain sites may give you a better rate when pre-booked ahead, but ‘the early bird gets the worm’ concept does not necessarily apply to car rentals. An ideal time allotment would be 1-3 months but booking 1 week before can still source you car rentals at a decent price. If you’re looking to book a car in Malaysia from abroad, price differences between international and local car rental companies are not all too significant (approximately varies by RM50-200 across different sites at time of publishing) but international agencies may require prepaid deposits and be restrictive should you need to cancel or change your plans.

An additional fact to be aware of when browsing websites and comparison platforms, the prices displayed upfront would mostly likely exclude local tax, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), theft protection (TP), Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) or mileage. Best to take your time and browse through all your options!



Model Perodua Myvi Perodua Myvi Perodua Myvi
Duration 1 week 1 week 1 week
Price RM611.49 RM808.99 RM428
Including tax Yes Yes



Pick up & drop off

Most car rental companies would have branches placed throughout the country especially in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. You would certainly be able to arrange for a satisfactory pick up and drop off spot be it the airport, within the city center or suburbs . There are a number of companies that also enable you to choose a secondary drop off location, which comes in handy if you’ll no longer be needing the car at your disposable far from where you started.



No one likes to be charged extra for what they don’t need – so take a thorough look at what your car rental fees encompass. You’ll want to make sure the finalised price has covered all the necessary charges, taxes and risks. An all-inclusive insurance package would come in handy if you want to stay on the safe end, but may not be necessary if you are already personally insured.



Each car rental company may have their own fuel policies to explain how much fuel you should expect when you pick up your car and how much you need to replace at drop off. Some common fuel policies include:

  1. Full to full – receiving and returning the car with a full tank.
  2. Refundable prepaid – getting a refund from the unused amount
  3. Free tank – a full tank for free when you rent.


Extra Tips

  • Park in legal parking spaces to avoid being fined or having your car towed away.
  • Keep spare change or a preloaded Touch ‘n Go card in the car for paying tolls.
  • Use Waze or Google Maps to navigate the roads with ease. If you’re a traveller, consider getting a SIM card to use these online route planners on your phone.
  • Check the rental car for any signs of existing damage upon pick up. Make a record and take pictures if possible.
  • Car thefts and break ins are rare unless you leave valuables in the car. Keep your items with you whenever you leave.


Curious to renting a car at half the trouble and a significantly lower cost? Rent at your own convenience with Kwikcar, the car rental community at your fingertip.

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