Mobile Car Maintenance in Malaysia

Mobile car maintenance providers in Malaysia are still little compared to compartment change service providers. Worry not, we figure out two mobile car maintenance providers in Malaysia to save your time in your constant car maintenance routine.



CarBengkel is a one-stop car services provider, except that they do not help in enhancing drivers’ experience in different car models just like Kwikcar. As it is a B2Cplatforms, it helps you to schedule an appointment with any nearby car maintenance workshops. Additional perks to its platform users, CarBengkel offers extended warranty for expensive engines and gearbox repair or replacement. Moreover, Users could use its platform to facilitate car buying and selling process too.



While you are having a glass of teh tarik, you can get your car a full maintenance at the carpark of the mamak store. That is the kind of convenience offered by Serv, which aims to connect you with a qualified mechanics anywhere without having you to sacrifice your time for a car maintenance procedure. Besides, Serv offers a free car maintenance log which includes 23 inspection points after the maintenance services.

Business transformation of car maintenance has made the task easier for car owners. Be sure to keep your car checked constantly. We want every owner and renter on Kwikcar are always safe. Kwikcar is a P2P platform that revolutionize car sharing concept.