Mobile Car Wash Providers in Malaysia

Mobile Car Maintenance in Malaysia

While you finally fork out time from your busy schedule to a car wash, you found yourself driving around the town which you are not sure even if there is a single car washer or every car washer in the town are on holiday. If you know these mobile car washing service providers, you can save yourself from all these doubts by having a pre-booking.



Call2Wash is proud of their steam washing system which is a completely natural cleaning agent. Steam washing is water savings, average 2 litres per car wash, that additional water cost of washing car in your compound would not be a burden for you. Although their washing services are limited to Klang Valley, yet the type of vehicle cleaning services they offered varies from car to caravan to boats.

LV Car Wash and Care Auto Detailing


Simply drop them a phone call or email, you can get all the car hygiene services from general cleaning to car detailing services regardless it is in the day or night. Their auto fog sterilizing and deodorizing service is capable to wash parts of the car which could not be reached by hands such as beneath the car cushion or the air-conditioned ventilation system.

The car wash providers are recommended by Kwikcar.Kwikcar is a P2P car sharing platform. We hope that every member on our platform could enjoy a good experience in a clean and comfortable car.