Money Savvy Tips For Travelling

With only 3 more months left in 2018, it’s time for you to gear up and start planning a holiday! Putting together the itinerary for a holiday can be a lot to handle especially if it’s large group or if you’re on a budget.

Here’s some help; focus on the 3 main things – Accomodation, Transportation and Food. Read on for some tips and tricks to be cost effective when you travel.

1. Accommodation Tricks


Hotel Swimming Pool


If you’re traveling in a group, try and keep it at 3 or 4 people so the cost of accomodation can be nicely split. Traveling in a big group will often cost you more as you’d need extra beds or rooms. Always be kind and check with the hotel or host if they can provide you with extra services such as an extra mattress or towels. However, if you decide to go on a solo trip, you can try renting a single room instead of an entire place or hotel suite.


2. Transportation Tips



It’s not uncommon to spend a lot on travelling within your holiday destination. Visiting 5 locations in a day, at an average of RM20 per route can bring you up to RM100 a day, and that doesn’t factor in getting home or any stops in between.

If you’re on a budget, we’d recommend renting a car from Kwikcar, at around RM20/day per person (if there’s 4 of you). You’d save so much more, with the added convenience of being able to stop wherever you want, and travel at your own time without waiting for a ride. Keep an eye out on our website or FB page for any on-going promotions!


3. Getting Authentic Local Food




The best way to find great local food is to know a local or person living there. A general rule of thumb is to try avoiding the usual tourist hotspots if you’d really like to find good local food. Tourist hotspots have a tendency of being overpriced and subpar in taste or quality when it comes to local food. Try to stay away from restaurant food that is pricey and not completely authentic. If you plan on finding out places to eat within your budget, you can always check out locations on google, and filter the places by price.


We hope you learnt a lot while going through these tips and tricks and we hope you keep them in mind for your next holiday! Just to recap: Share the cost of accomodation, rent a car instead of using taxis, and don’t eat at tourist hotspots! That’s all from us for this round, and we’ll see you again in our next blog!

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