[Quick & Easy] How To Take Great Photos of Your Car

[Quick & Easy] How To Take Great Photos of Your Car

Poor quality images make your car less appealing to a renter, raising a renter’s doubt of the credibility of the photos and condition of the car… You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take high-quality car photos. You just need to know what to focus on and when to take the picture 🙂

#1   First and Foremost.

Before taking any photos, here are two things you need to first do. Firstly, get your car washed. Make sure it’s nice and clean (both exterior and interior). And secondly, wind up all the windows. The reflection of the glass will make your car look as good as it should.

#2   Shoot Horizontally.

Kwikcar suggests you shoot your car photos horizontally, which you can capture more content (car’s details) in a single photo. Not to mention that horizontal photos are actually more suit and fit to the Kwikcar app settings.

#3   Set the Scene.

(i) Scout out a good location to photograph your car. Make sure there are no other vehicles in the background.

(ii) Schedule your photo shoot at dusk or dawn. The glaring sun at noon, for example, will create undesirable shiny spots or unwanted shadows, and strong sunlight tends to “wash out” the true color of your car.

(iii) Get up close when photographing a car, and fill the frame with the entire car. It reduces unnecessary background clutter.

#4   Highlight Cool Features.

Speaking of details, you’ll also want to provide close-up photos of all your vehicle’s coolest features. Does your car have high tech gadgets? Custom leather seats? If so, do make sure to snap ’em. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

#5   Be Honest and Forthright

If the car has any imperfections, there is no need to angle the shots to hide them. Just take the photos naturally and it’s OK to have them (imperfections) appearing on your car photos. It’s better to set the expectations upfront instead of springing the renter a surprise when he/she comes to pick up the car. You may end up getting a poor rating for misleading photos that will cost you more in the long run.

First impression matters. The photos are the first thing that attracts a renter to click on your car profile. Of course, good pictures alone won’t get you booking, but it will at least set you on the front foot and entice a renter to check out your car. Start listing now!