Things To Make Sure Of While Driving

Having a proper mind-set for your journey on the road will help you ensure your safety on the road at all times, be it a short drive to the supermarket to pick up groceries, or that long and tiring drive on the highway to go to the office. How many of you take these precautions every drive?

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Money Savvy Tips For Travelling

With only 3 more months left in 2018, it’s time for you to gear up and start planning a holiday! Putting together the itinerary for a holiday can be a lot to handle especially if it’s large group or if you’re on a budget.

Here’s some help; focus on the 3 main things – Accomodation, Transportation and Food. Read on for some tips and tricks to be cost effective when you travel.

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How To Deal With A Car Crisis

If your car is feeling a bit wobbly and you sense that something is wrong, always listen to your gut feeling and find a safe spot to stop your car for further inspection. The most important thing to do in this situation, is to not panic. Here are some tips for what you can do:

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