Things To Make Sure Of While Driving

Having a proper mind-set for your journey on the road will help you ensure your safety on the road at all times, be it a short drive to the supermarket to pick up groceries, or that long and tiring drive on the highway to go to the office. How many of you take these precautions every drive?

1. No Obstruction Of View


Car Side Mirror


Sharing a car with your family, or significant other means that you should always adjust the rear-view and side-mirrors of the car. Sometimes we forget that someone else used the car before us, and leaving the mirrors unadjusted would hinder our view of the road. Before leaving the parking lot, always make sure that the mirrors are properly adjusted according to your view!






2. Indicators & Brake Lights Are Working


Car Brake Lights
The other cars on the road can’t read your mind. USE YOUR INDICATORS to avoid accidents and the headache that follows. On top of that, brake lights also help to indicate when you are slowing down on the road, and avoid mishaps from happening on the road. P/S: It is also highly irritating for the driver behind your car if you’re brake lights and indicators are not working!






3. Comfortable Driving Position


Comfortable Car SeatsEach person has their own comfortable driving position, be it a lower seat position or a higher seat position. Do make sure to be seated comfortably in your car, especially if you’re headed to a far destination! Being comfortable should always be one of the top priorities while driving.








4. Avoid Distractions


Phone GPS NavigationAlmost everyone on the road has some sort of GPS for their drive. It could be to take a short cut, to avoid the roads with heavy traffics. Nevertheless, it would always be best to avoid being too distracted by the GPS and concentrate more on the road that you’re driving on & also your surroundings. It’s good to have a map to refer to, but don’t rely too heavily on it!







After reading the short and quick steps, have you come to a conclusion about the kind of driver you are? We hope that our readers will instill these precautions into their mind for a safe drive each time! Being a good driver will also give you bonus points – you would always be the designated driver by your friends and family. Stay safe for all your future bookings on Kwikcar!

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