Why Car Rental Is A Good Alternative To Grab and MyCar

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A few months ago, the Sun UK published how car ownership is predicted to completely die out in the next decade or so. Customers are moving towards the concept of car usership over ownership making ride-hailing services part of the literal movement in this new wave.


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In Malaysia itself, the convenience of smartphones and ride-hailing apps such as Grab and MyCar, make it no longer an issue to get straight to your location at the tap of your screen. But then, ever wondered if there were even better ways to get around and cheaper? How about car rental for instance?

Let us dive in deeper into the potential risks and downsides of ride-hailing.


1. Where and when?

With ride hailing, unmarked locations can be difficult to pinpoint especially when you do not have a landmark or official address at hand.

Riders will also have to assess and take into account the waiting time for drivers which can be frustrating during peak hours.

Worse still, if you’re in a remote area at an odd hour it can take ages to have your ride request accepted.

Cases of ride-hailing drivers deliberately delaying ride requests just so that riders would cancel the request (drivers may lose their incentives if they exceed a certain cancellation rate) have also caused multiple inconveniences and complaints.

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to just walk to your car and be on your way?


2. Safety first.

Gone are the days when we once told, “do not get into cars with strangers”.

With ride hailing apps, we frequently get in and out of cars driven by people whom we’ve never met.

But how safe is it?

While there have been precautions taken to guard both drivers and riders alike (e.g the Grab Emergency Button), your safety can never be fully guaranteed.

Occasionally, severe cases of acclaimed rape have previously occurred, not to mention the fact that we have no control over the behavior of those around us.

Ride-hailing riders have reported verbal abuse, harassment and dangerous driving.


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3. How much for the ride?

The day Uber joined Grab marked an impressive accomplishment to see a local startup conquer a global beast. Yet users of the service did not rejoice as much when they realised there was no longer a need for Grab to win their hearts when it was the only dominating ride hailing service available.

No competition, no choice.

Similar to when Uber left China in 2016, the ride fares of sole ride-hailing DiDi Chuxing is said to have gone up by 20%.

Although the Malaysian government is said to be monitoring Grab’s prices by placing them on the anti-competition watchlist, there are still claims that the prices of Grab have gone up nonetheless while viable reviews and solutions would be required to protect the best interests of consumers.

We’ve included an average calculation of Grab’s fares covering different distances and frequencies as of recent.


Rate of Grab in Malaysia (as of Nov 2018)

[table id=2 /]


Assuming you need a ride to multiple venues throughout a week of around 20-28 rides, your travelling expenses can come up to an average of RM500-RM800. If you’re coming from the airport, the cost will require the additional cost of RM65 per way on Grab. Meaning, travellers and holiday go-ers planning to move around by car can expect the entire week’s ride-hailing cost to add up to almost RM1000 per week.

What if you could rent a car or even a multipurpose vehicle for much less?


Kwikcar Car Rental Rates (As of Nov 2018)

[table id=3 /]

Imagine renting a Myvi at less than half the cost of RM1000 at RM428 or a Toyota Avanza at 30% less which can accomodate families and luggage. Through Kwikcar’s car rental platform, it becomes increasingly convenient to make arrangement between peer-to-peer and accommodate your requests or needs. 

Ready to take control of the driving wheel and destination? Save time and money by renting a car on Kwikcar, the car sharing community app right at your fingertips.


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