Kwikcar is a peer-to-peer car-sharing community in Malaysia. Kwikcar facilitates the hiring of privately owned vehicles by providing a platform for listings, bookings and payments, with cars ranging in class from economy to luxury.

Car owners can offset the costs of financing and maintaining their own vehicle by sharing their asset through the Kwikcar community.
Because you're renting cars from private car owners, you can get much better value-for-money than renting from agencies with large overheads. Plus, you get a huge amount of choice and can negotiate convenient pick-up and drop-off times and locations.
The sharing economy is the way of the future. The world has enough cars, but so many of them are under-utilized. Meanwhile, there are lots of people who need access to a car for a period of time—sometimes in the very same neighbourhood! Kwikcar is creating a harmonious community of people who can make money from their under-used assets, benefiting the renters who get cheaper car rates and keeping money in the local economy.
Kwikcar currently operates anywhere in Malaysia – stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for updates!
Joining Kwikcar is easy! Just download the app and login using your Facebook account, or or sign-up with your email address. Straight away, you'll get to see all the cars available in your area.
Before renting or listing a car, you will need to provide your ID and bank details so we can verify your identity. This can take up to 24 hours, so make sure you do upload your details as soon as possible. If you are listing your car for rent, we will also need to verify that you are the owner.
Unlike some car-sharing platforms, Kwikcar is free to join. However, rentals rates vary depending on the type of car. Vehicles on Kwikcar are up to half the price of traditional car rental companies – check out the Renter page or download our app to see our rates!
How much you earn largely depends on the Vehicle you decide to share, as well as how frequently and how long you share your Vehicle for. Check out our car owner's page to check out how much you could earn!
We accept cars manufactured from 2010 onwards. Cars manufactured prior to 2010 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All cars are subject to a stringent vetting process to ensure we have the types and quality of vehicles our customers demand.
You must be at least 21 years old and hold a current full driver's license that is valid in Malaysia. You must also provide proof of identity when registering on the App. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service and other policy documents.
Before a Renter can request a Vehicle, he or she must provide the following information:
  • A full driver's license that is valid in Malaysia
  • A valid Malaysian Identification Card (IC) or passport
  • Personal bank account details
These items will be used to verify your identity.

The same information is also required from car owners before listing a car.
If you do not hold a Malaysian driver's license, you have two options:
  • You may obtain an International Driving Permit in your home country; or
  • If your driver's license is issued by a country listed as recognised for the purposes of driving in Malaysia, you are permitted to drive in Malaysia (usually for up to 3 months from your arrival date) without additional permits. However, if your license is in a language other than English or Malay, it must be translated and approved by the embassy of the issuing country. For more information, see Acceptance of Foreign Driving License on the JPJ website.
Don't forget to provide a photo of your passport together with all other license verification documents.

Note: Residents from foreign countries who are staying in Malaysia long-term are encouraged to contact the Malaysian Road Transport Department to determine how to convert their foreign license or acquire a Malaysian driver's license.
All documents submitted to Kwikcar are watermarked prior to being saved to the system. We don't disclose any information to third parties in line with Private Data Protection requirements, unless otherwise required by Kwikcar (e.g. for legal or insurance purposes). For more information, view our Privacy policy.
Your documents are stored securely on the Kwikcar server. They are only viewable by the administrator who verifies your identity, and cannot be extracted from our server. We are also compliant with the Malaysian Private Data Protection Act 2010, which means we do not share or disclose your details unless it is related to Kwikcar (i.e. insurance purposes).
The Kwikcar team is energetic, passionate and committed. We love to have fun, but are dead serious about providing a premium service with our car-sharing platform. We're always on the lookout for interns and executives who are eager, motivated and who thrive under pressure.
Check out our current vacancies on the Careers page.



Kwikcar provides a platform that connects people who need a car to people who have underutilized cars. The Kwikcar App allows both Renters and Owners to:
  • Search for and share Vehicles based on their location;
  • Create, modify or cancel Bookings in just a few clicks;
  • View current and past Rental history.
Kwikcar is a non-traditional rental platform which helps Renters find Vehicles ranging in class from economy to luxury, with availability varying by location. If you don't drive often enough to justify the long term commitment, but still want the freedom to drive yourself affordably, Kwikcar provides you the solution!
There's only 4 easy steps to get you on your way! It will only take a few minutes and you have the option of using your Facebook account, or using your preferred email address. Once that is done, all you need to do is verify your mobile phone number, provide proof of identity and you're good to start searching for the Vehicle that meets your needs!
To be a Renter, you must be at least 21 years old and hold a full unrestricted license that is valid in Malaysia.
For holders of non-Malaysian Licenses please see here.
Upon confirmation of the Booking, the Renter will receive an email detailing the Vehicle's location and time of pick-up. It is also a good idea to keep in touch with the Owner to make more convenient or suitable alternate arrangements.

It is important to inspect the Vehicle for any pre-existing damage, and note it on the app's Handover Process. You may also wish to capture mileage and fuel information for future reference.
It is expected that you return your Vehicle in the same condition as you received it. Kwikcar expects Renters to take care of the Vehicle as if it were their own.

If in the event during the return process, the Owner deems the Vehicle is in an unsatisfactory condition, you may incur a cleaning fee.
The length of time varies depending on how far in advance you make the Booking request. It is dependent on when the Owner responds to your request, as such we generally advise that you make a Rental request at least 3 days in advance.
Once the Owner approves your request, and you have made successful payment, the Booking is confirmed. A confirmation email will be sent to you with all relevant details (e.g. the Vehicle particulars, it's location and the time of pick-up and drop-off).
Yes you may. You can use Kwikcar's in-app messaging system to contact the Owner to find out more about their Vehicle.
Yes, you are responsible for paying for the petrol you use. Kwikcar employs the full-to-full petrol policy which ensures no surprises on behalf of Owners or Renters.
Kwikcar advocates the use of a full-to-full petrol policy, this means a full tank is provided by the Owner, and the Renter also returns the Vehicle with a full tank. If this is not the case, Kwikcar reserves the right to charge the Renter a fee of RM3 per litre of petrol to return the car to its original petrol level.
You must always park in legal locations, in the event of the Vehicle being towed or summoned, you will be entirely responsible for the fees.
You should always carry your driver's license with you.
Kwikcar employs a reasonable usage policy for mileage, we reserve the right to charge RM0.50 per 1KM over the reasonable mileage. Note Kwikcar Vehicles must remain within Peninsular Malaysia.
There is a 30-minute grace period, returns any later will result in a charge for an additional day's rental.
It is important to make a complete inspection of the Vehicle's condition and report it to the Kwikcar mobile app during the Handover Process. By reporting on the Vehicle's condition beforehand, the Renter is assured that they will not be held liable for existing defects.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in all Vehicles.
Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available.
To comply with the Insurance Policy and to avoid complications, only the Renter is allowed to drive the Vehicle.
Yes, please call the 24 Hours Road Side Assistance on Toll-free: 1800-88-6287, or Landline: +603-2161 3960
No, currently you are unable to extend a Booking past the designated end time. However, if you wish to extend you may wish to liaise with the Owner, and make a new Booking via the Kwikcar application.
Yes it is, you can make a Booking for up to a year so long as the Vehicle is available for that period!
You are able to return your Vehicle at any time you wish up to 30 minutes after your Booking ends. However, do note we cannot refund you for the time you did not use the Vehicle. Additionally, you can liaise with the Owner to decide upon a more convenient return time or location.
You can read our cancellation policy here.
You can book a Vehicle from 24 hours to a year!
Kwikcar's diversified fleet means that we've got you covered every time, we have an assortment of Vehicles ranging in class from economy to luxury with availability varying by location.
To avoid disappointment, we advise a minimum of 3 days in advance but dependent on the Owner, it may be as fast as 24 hours!
You can only take your pets in our “pet friendly” cars, however we advise that you transport it in a pet carrier.

Insurance and Coverage

The Handover Process mitigates the chance that this will occur. Upon return the Owner accepts the condition of the Vehicle, and if any damages are not noted at this time then you will not be held liable.
The Vehicle is covered by Allianz Insurance which encompasses minor roadside repair. Please call the 24 Hours Road Side Assistance on Toll-free: 1800-22-5542, or Landline: +603-2264 0560.
Kindly contact us on +6018 7636113 or the Owner to attempt to coordinate the retrieval of your item.
We are partnered with Allianz to provide insurance for all Vehicles on our platform which includes Personal Accident Insurance.

In the event of an accident you should:
  • Secure the car and inform Police and emergency services immediately if anyone is injured or there is a disagreement regarding the circumstances of the accident
  • If there are other Vehicles involved, make a note of the car registration and names, addresses and driver's license numbers
  • Make a note of names and phone numbers of witnesses
  • Call Kwikcar at +6018 7636113
The Vehicle is covered by Allianz Insurance which encompasses minor roadside repair. Please call the 24 Hours Road Side Assistance on Toll-free: 1800-88-6287, or Landline: +603-2161 3960
Kwikcar currently partners with Allianz for insurance coverage for Vehicles on our platform. As part of the coverage, all rentals come with: 24/7 Road Side Assistance including minor roadside repair i.e. flat tyre and Personal Accident Benefits.
If the Renter is at fault they will be liable for the damages.

Payment and Pricing

Note that all Kwikcars are only permitted to be driven within Peninsular Malaysia, any Vehicles which exceed Kwikcar's reasonable mileage will be charged at RM0.50 per extra 1KM.
Additional drivers are not permitted on Kwikcar. Please ensure the Renter who made the booking is the only person who drives the Vehicle during the Rental period.
Renting a Vehicle on Kwikcar can be as affordable as RM35 a day! To see how much it will cost, you can check out our renter's page!
You are responsible for any traffic violation summons that you receive.
Once the Owner approves your request you will receive an email notifying you to pay within the specified timeframe or the booking will lapse.
You will receive your invoice at the conclusion of the booking via your email.
We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Paypal. Your Credit Card should also be able to carry a pre-authorisation charge which will be taken as your security deposit.
At Kwikcar we encourage the use of a full-to-full petrol policy. This means that both the Renter and the Owner will not encounter any surprises with regards to fuel level. If the Renter leaves the petrol tank unfilled, Kwikcar reserves the right to charge fuel at RM3 a litre.


Listing Your Vehicle

Owners can offset the costs of car ownership – not only are cars expensive to buy and maintain, but also they depreciate in value over time – Kwikcar provides a platform in which car owners can earn money.
To list your car, follow these steps on the app:
  • Go to Menu >> My Cars >> Add new car >> fill in all relevant details such as type, location, and other description.
It only takes few steps! Don't forget to include an interesting description and upload some great pictures of your car.

Our team will then work on approving your car within 24hours!
It's important to remember that Renters on the platform are never anonymous and the security measures we undertake ensure that only the safest drivers are accepted to Kwikcar. In addition, we also have a rating system to help keep the community in safe and friendly.

Ultimately it is the Owner that controls who can rent their vehicle, this along with Kwikcar's partnership with Allianz Insurance, and our pre-rental screening and review ensures peace of mind for Owners.
Kwikcar Members must be aged 21 and over, however you still have complete control on who you accept and decline.
If a Renter misplaces your car keys, they will be liable to reimburse you for the cost. Please ensure to have a spare key so you can keep using your car in the meantime.
If something pops up suddenly and you realise you need to drive, but your car is already making you money – don't panic! You can jump online and instantly book another car.
If you temporarily wish to stop renting out your car, you can make your car ‘invisible'. To make your car ‘invisible' follow these steps on the App:
  • Go to Menu >> My Cars >> Select the car you wish to make invisible >> Visibility >> turn the slider off >> Save
When you decide to reverse this, simply revisit the Visibility section using the same steps, and turn the slider back on!
So long as you don't have a confirmed booking, you may drive it as and when you wish. Do make sure your car is in good condition when the next rental begins.
You can share your car for as short as 1 day (24 hours) and as long as 365 days (1 year). The length of your rental will depend on the Renter's booking request and you have the final say on whether or not you'd like to accept the booking.
You may wish to highlight your car's key attributes and suitability for Renter types, for example an MPV for family trips or a coupe for couples!

Managing your Vehicle

You are responsible for keeping your car in good condition. We expect your car is serviced in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and whenever necessary, you are able to provide a service record history for inspection by Kwikcar.
Every Booking is required to undergo the Handover Process on the Kwikcar app, in which both Renter and Owner agree to the initial condition of the Vehicle. If the Renter does not agree to the condition of the Vehicle and lodges a compliant with Kwikcar, you may be liable for cleaning charges.
The Renter will be held responsible for any violations that they incur during their Rental. The Owner is required to submit a copy of the summons to info@kwikcar.my within 2 weeks of the Booking's conclusion.
If the Renter is late, please try contacting them using our in-app messaging service. However, if you are unable to contact them please contact Kwikcar on our helpline at +6018 7636113.
We strongly urge Owner's not to cancel Bookings unless necessary. Furthermore, you are only able to cancel a Booking up to 24-hours before the start of the Booking. Once the 24-hour time period has passed, no cancellation is possible.

For more information you can read our cancellation policy.
Kwikcar recommends that your car's petrol tank is filled before each Booking. This way it's easy to know whether the Renter has abided by the full-to-full petrol policy.
We accept cars manufactured on or after 2010; cars manufactured prior to 2010 will be examined on a case-by-case basis. Note that all cars are subject to a stringent vetting process.
No, you cannot provide the renter with a different vehicle than the one they booked.
Renters are responsible for replenishing the petrol they have used during each Booking. We recommend that each Vehicle starts with a full tank of petrol to avoid any complications.

In the event that the Vehicle is not returned with the same amount of petrol, the Renter is liable to reimburse the Owner, however the Owner must provide a receipt for the fuel within 30 minutes of the Booking concluding.
Once you receive a rental request, an email will detail the timeframe in which you are required to respond. A non-response will result in the booking lapsing.
To maximise your car's potential earnings, ensure that you take high quality photos of your car, and provide as much pertinent information as you can regarding its location, features and capabilities. We advise that you respond to enquiries in a timely manner and also keep your car in good condition.
Yes, we recommend that you check the Renter's driver's license to confirm the validity and identity of the Renter.
You are required to ensure that your vehicle complies with all laws and regulations regarding vehicle safety. Ensure it is regularly serviced in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines.

Insurance and Coverage

All Vehicles listed should already have compulsory third party insurance as they are registered. However, we also recommend you possess comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.
You will be eligible for a replacement car for up to 5 days through our insurance benefits with Allianz.

You can do this by calling the Allianz helpline at: 1-800-22-5542
You can file a report via email to info@kwikcar.my or contact us via our helpline on +6018 7636113. Do note, for every claim, it is compulsory for a police report to have been filed.

Payment and Pricing

Kwikcar enforces a 24-hour cancellation policy. Renters who cancel their Booking less than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time will still be liable for full payment of their Booking.
Please see our cancellation policy for further details.
Unfortunately at this time this feature is not available.
Funds are transferred to Owners once a week, you should allow up to 2 weeks after the Booking ends to receive your funds.

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